Hi all,

My big number one question, having set foot in ICC only as a healer in gear far worse than my tanking gear (hah) and doing pretty successful up until add tanks on VDW made me sad, is how far in ICC can my paladin's current gear go, and where should I look for upgrades? My avoidance seems a little low, my stamina seems a little low (as in Festergut @ 3 inhales would scare me even with div prot, having healed it myself), and my hit rating is just low.

Also, should I look into grabbing Divine Sacrifice for my current spec, and how big of a difference is 2/2 Vindication?

And finally, with wings popped at the beginning of a fight I do around 7k threat per second. Considering this is /with/ wings, I feel this to be a little low. This is using a 969 rotation and opening with Avenger's Shield/sometimes HoR.

Also, any tips on ooze kiting Rotface-10, if I ever were forced to delve into that position?