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Thread: QQ about ICC drops

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    QQ about ICC drops

    Our 10 man guild has cleared to Saurfang 8 times now and Marrowgar / Deathwhisper 9 times which equals 68 drops. Of those 68 drops, we have had 3 tank drops ...... the plate chest and 2 x rings. I know its random ....... but this is starting to annoy me.

    Is anyone else suffering with crappy drops ?

    QQ I know ..... but its getting frustrating when everyone else appears to be getting gear and my best chance is the AH.

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    We're 8(Mg) 8(Dw) 6(GsB) 5(DS) and have seen the tank pants drop twice (from saurfang) and the tanking neck, chest, and weapon only once from the first 2 bosses.
    But hey, everyone who can wield a 2 hander in the guild is now toting around a shiny Citadel Enforcer's Claymore and we've been DE'ing all the cloth, mail, leather, and offhand drops since about our 4th complete of the 1st wing.

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    Right now my guild is mad at me. We're only farming Lord Marrowgar right now due to pugging, but it is always stuff for my main tanking set or off holy set. Our off tank is a druid and the neck dropped monday and I told him "Sorry, you don't need parry, it's mine" ... I feel kinda bad being a loot w****

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    All that farming you must have a lot of badges, just buy the badge gear. It's generally better anyway.

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    Tell me about it, I run 10man and 25man every week since release and so far have had only festers belt and neck, boat trinket drop in 25man, marrowgars mace in 10man.

    List of wants from farmable bosses.

    Prof 10man trinket and sword
    boat 25 shoulders
    marrowgar 25 wrists
    lady 25 ring

    These are all the so easy and farmable bosses but I must have literally the worst luck ever lol
    Marking targets, coordinating CC, and *most importantly*, pulling responsibly so that 9 elites didn't rush us and wipe the party, this Is something I have missed since nov 08.

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    RNG is RNG, that's why emblems exist, to guarantee upgrades after a set amount of time. Is there really a reason for this thread though? QQ Thread closed.

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