First things first, here's the armory:

Last night I got the offset tank belt with my saved up Frost Emblems. Now I'm kind of wondering where to go with the next batch of them. I was originally planning on the cape and trinket, but after looking at it last night, my unbuffed HP and Armor are both pretty decent for ICC 25 and great for ICC 10, so I'm beginning to think the extra HP and Armor from Skeleton Key and Sentinel's Cloak are not really that much of an improvement compared to getting the T10 Head and Shoulder for the 2pc bonus. Which would be better?

One other thought is that I might just start saving them up and using them on primordial saronites to speed up the process of getting the crafted Pillars of Might and Boots of Kingly Upheval (I would buy some saronite too, but I cannot afford to buy all 13. I could buy maybe half of them if I really tried.)

Few things to keep in mind - I am not in a raiding guild, so I never get to run ICC 25. I can find ICC 10 pugs decently enough, but none of them ever make it past Rotface. So for the sake of this post, assume I can make about 30 frost emblems a week at maximum doing ICC 10 pugs, both VOAs, the weekly and dailies.

Thanks for the help!