I'm a blogger over at World of Matticus and I need your help.

i'm looking to do a bit of research on the state of the WoW news and blog world as we start to hit the pre-expansion lull. I'm starting with the biggest site around - Do you read the site, at least sometimes? If you do, please take a few moments to answer the following questions. You don't need anything except your personal opinion as a WoW player.

What do you like about the site - what do you think they do well, and how?
- This could be anything, from writing style of sertain writers to focus of material to their seasonal guides. Whatever you like about the site - what, and why?

What don't you like about the site - what do you wish they'd do better, or at all?
- As above, this could be anything at all - let me know your own opinion.

Oh, one more general question, not just related:

Is there anything you personally would like to see in the WoW blogosphere nowadays?

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts! Hope we get a bit of discussion going here, too. Thanks for your time!