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Thread: Correct Party make up in 25 man raids

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    Correct Party make up in 25 man raids

    I have been leading the odd 10 man recently and have no problem there as putting casters/healers in 1 group and melee and tanks in the other (most of the time) seems to work, + the content is not too challenging.

    What I could do with, is a pointer or link to a guide that discusses optimal party make up in a 25 man raid. Our team are right on the cusp of the gear requirements of 25 and any little advantage I can eek out will greatly improve our chances of some 264 loot!

    For example you want the Resto Shammie in the same group as the other healers because the mana tide totem only affects the other members of his/her party.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction as my web research skills are kinda pants and I cannot find any such guide. Failing that some pointers would be greatly appreciated.


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    there's not much of that left anymore. Shamans are a big one for tremor, cleansing, and mana tide. Keep like-roled people in the same group as much as possible, this helps priests' PoH since those people will likely be taking damage at the same times. Keep Paladins' DS in mind as well.

    Other than that it doesn't matter.
    Either play to win, or shut up and lose.

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    draenei 1%hit, manatide, tremor/cleansing in some fights
    but i like putting melee/ranged/tank/healers in the same group just to look better / easier for counting

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