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Thread: enchancement shaman

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    enchancement shaman

    hey all and nice forum here i'm new here and have some question about gemming a ech shaman
    i whant my dps higher for the moment i gemming him this way and i know i'm doing things wrong thats way i come here to ask the question.

    Question 1:

    methode 1 :
    - Red gem = agility
    - Yellow gem = hit rating
    - Blue gem = +10 hitrating + 10 stamina

    dunno if this the right way for gemming a ech but i whas thinking for this methode (2) so wich methode is better for now for the moment i'm using methode (1) plz advice me

    methode 2 :
    - Red gem = Attack power
    - Yellow gem = +20 attack power + 10 hast rating
    - Blue gem = +10 crits + 10 stamina

    Question 2 :
    - How high is hitrating allowed for good dps max

    http://wow-heroes.com/ ==>EU/Saurfang/thilon is the name if you whant to view my gear

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    Enhancement. Not enchancement, certainly not enchantment - enhancement. This bugs the everliving crap out of me.

    This is how I understand the gemming and enchanting for enh sham:

    First priority - reaching the 8% hit cap for your special abilities. Note that you get some melee hit rating from talents, making this benchmark very easy to achieve.

    Second priority - reaching 26 expertise. This is the number to keep your melee attacks (and special abilites) from being dodged. This is important, because the Stormstrike debuff is a crucial part of your dps. AP mail is generally itemized for hunters, making expertise from gear damn near impossible to find - be prepared to gem and enchant for large quantities of expertise to reach the 26 number.

    Third priority - reaching the spell hit cap. Spell hit is 17% total (under the spell tab of your character sheet, not melee). You get 0 of this from talents, and 3% is there is a shadow priest or boomkin in the raid (and another 1% if you're a dranei). Again, you may need to gem quite a bit of this. The spell hit cap is important because Lightning Bolt, Earth Shock, and Lightning Shield are huge contributors to your dps and are, well, spells.

    Fourth priority - Once you meet the hit and expertise caps, gem for as much AP and Haste as possible (Haste is better once you're uber-geared, until then I would stick with AP). Agility is inferior to AP for several reasons, mainly because it doesn't affect our spell crit chance.

    http://www.wowarmory.com/character-s...ash&cn=Sebadoh <--- This is my enhance sham, check out the gemming (ignoring most if not all socket bonuses, going for pure AP because my gear isn't good enough to gem haste, etc.) (edit: forgot to swap out some hit enchants when I got my new belt, so I'm over the spell cap - gonna have to change that soonish)

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    so in other words i should go for ap and expertise and when i have better gear going for methode 2

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