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Thread: Druid Tank - Gearing

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    Druid Tank - Gearing


    Armory Link: http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sh...cn=Thur%C3%A2l

    Raid progression: ICC 10er attempting sindragosa

    I was a healer during the whole time of wotlk, I just tanked some old raid instances and 5er heroics, but since my raid need a new tank, they asked me to change from a healer to a tank, since my tank gear isn't that bad.

    Actually, my strategy is, to buy the 4 pieces of t10 normal as soon as possible, to have the 4 piece set bonus, I start with the helm then shoulders and then I would like to buy the chest, I don't have any access to 25er icc raid progress as a tank.

    Would you agree with that or do you suggest another strategy? Do you know any other good items, I could get at the moment, where don't cost any frost emblems?

    Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance!

    greetings Thural

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    Hello. This my oppinion what you should do.
    First off get full Triumph gear. I recoumed you to buy the armor/dodge trinket aswhell
    Get 4/5 tier 9 and and a 245 head. Go for the frost tanking trinket.
    Dont get and stack stammino to mutch, how you should gem is: (Be aware of the socket bonus must be aggi or stam) If its one or more yellow go pure stam, If its a blue gem and a red gem go stam and aggi, if its 2 red gemms go 15 stam 10 aggix2, If its 2 blue go 1 stam and 1 15 stam 10 aggi.

    Just ask if you got an question

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    Don't listen to the above.

    You're logged out in your pvp gear, so it's hard to give specific recommendations.

    Getting 4pT10 is a great idea if you're doing ICC10 progression. I would recommend against getting the head and shoulders first, as you can get 245-level head and shoulders from triumph. Those pieces should tide you over for a while. Go for the legs and the gloves first. I'd scour your trade chat and the higher-end guilds and see if they're selling Ikfirus' sack of wonder (it's BoE) and hope for the best, but in the meantime get Knightbane Carapace made, which is better than almost anything you can get from ICC10.

    After your 4p, get the tanking cloak. Then possibly the belt.

    For non Emblem of frost pieces, I mentioned the head and shoulder triumph pieces and knightbane carapace (a LW piece). You should get Bracers of Swift Death made (another LW piece) and if you don't have better already, the LW belt and boots from Ulduar that are crafted.

    For trinkets, getting Glyph of Indominability is a good choice (triumph badges).

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