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Thread: Alarm Bells went off during Malygos

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    Alarm Bells went off during Malygos

    My realm's weekly this week was Malygos - and with the current state of my gear, Malygos is an easy boss if I'm being perfectly honest.

    But I was constantly being outaggro'd, by nearly.. everyone in the raid - I was spamming my taunt whenever it was available, and the rest of the time was absolute hell - luckily Malygos only needs tanking in P1, and the adds are relatively easy in P2 - but this hellish time I had during P1, rang alarm bells in my ears. What's happened to my threat?!

    Sure enough, I then put myself in a Random, partly to get my 2 Frost Emblems for the day, and partly to check if the problem was for that one raid or if it was sticking. It was Violet Hold - an instance I consider to be a literal walk in the park.

    I lost aggro on nearly every fight going - I was nearly booted for a wipe on the dog boss... I can honestly say I've never wiped in Violet Hold, ever - not even on the kite boss, in my entire history of tanking. I assume it's my talent specification - I recently changed my talent spec to gain abit more survivablity, and I'm slightly worried that it's the reason for my threat issues.

    I've just changed servers also - from a server where the Horde seriously underperform, to a server where Icecrown Citadel 25 Pugs are fairly easy to get into, so quite well progressed - and maybe, my current talent specification doesn't have the nessecary things to keep aggro against such massively geared players - a Warlock in Malygos, managed to pull a massive 8000 TPS, whilst I was struggling to maintain 4000, which was too low by any standard at my current gear.

    Basically, I'm asking for help - I'm a Blood Tank and have no interest in switching to a Frost or Unholy Build. What I need is advice to sort my Blood build out, I'll post my Armoury below, can someone check it out for me?


    As you can see in my recent activty, I've come straight here after Violet Hold, I'm that worried. :P

    EDIT: I should also add that in VoA25 yesterday, I was supposed to be Main Tanking, but was downgraded to Soak Tank on Koralon due to "threat issues" also.

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    Well, the first thing I'd do is check to make sure you were in Frost Presence. Every time you swap between dual-specs, for example, it turns off all presences. I've gone into boss fights a couple times on my DK without any presence on at all (fortunately I was only dpsing).

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    The very second I noticed my threat issues I checked my presence - and my Frost Presence was turned on. I wish that was the problem, 'coz I could slap myself in the face, laugh and continue onwards, but it's not. I've gotten used to switching presences as soon as I change spec..

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    A few thoughts:

    1. No Blood Gorged. Try this spec instead. (Drop Rune Tap unless you need it to compensate for lackluster healing, but it sounds like the healers on your new server should be good enough to drop that talent). If you've got another DK in the raid to provide Improved Icy Touch, then try something like this.

    2. Replace your survival glyphs with threat glyphs. See build above.

    3. 232 weapon. If the dps have been gearing up in ICC, they may be surpassing your threat output. I have the 245 Sharpened Obsidian Edge Blade from Ony25, and my Blood threat cap seems to be in the 7-9k dps range, which is where mages and rogues are getting to w/ ICC gear. Make sure to Run Ony25 and Overlord Saurfang for Sharpened Obsidian Edge Blade or Ramaladni's Blade of Culling, both of which will help tons.

    Try for ICC25 if possible for Bryntroll, though you'll have to go as dps, and will probably have to spec 2H UH dps just so you don't get shut out of the roll for being DW Frost (some rl's know DKs will spec to their best weapon and let you roll on a 2H even if you're DW, but others will see DW and not let you roll for a 2H. Don't risk missing a chance to roll on Bryntroll for that).

    4. When is the dps pulling, at the start of the fight, or later on? I find my Blood threat has a ramp up - IT and PS don't seem to do that much unless RS procs then, and it's not until I get diseases up, hit DS and HSx2, then have 4 Blood runes to spam HSx6 that I get to a comfortable threat lead.

    If dps is pulling off you in the beginning, maybe that's the issue? If they're pulling throughout the entire fight, it's probably something else, maybe 1 or 2.
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    I'll try out that spec and see if it improves things. And yes, I am indeed after an improvement to my weapon.

    And it's abit of both - the Warlock did unleash his entire DPS right off the bat, and he got a massive telling off for it aswell. But I ended up leaving the raid, and joining another Malygos 10 raid, told the DPS to wait until I'd established threat, which they did - and then they started DPSing when I said "rdy", and they was still ripping it off me, when I told the Warrior, "watch your threat", his response was "i'm already halfing my dps tryin not to outthreat you", which is really what started my worrying.

    Like I said - I'll try your spec out, and will look into gettin a new weapon. Thank you for the advice.

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    I'd highly recomend grabbing a glyph of death strike for the extra threat. Glyph of Rune Tap isn't that powerful and should be replaced. Do that in addition to picking up blood Gorged and you should see a noticable difference. Spec out of morbidity, scent of blood, AND/OR will of the necropolis to grab blood gorged. Taking rune tap and improved rune tap is fine, but if threat remains a problem these should be the next on the "to go" list. Hope this helps.
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    I'm currently as we speak switching my spec, and will be changing my glyphs accordingly. I'll update this threat to tell if it works.

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    Not going to touch spec/glyphs since I have never Blood Tanked.

    However your Expertise is way low. You want to try to get it to 26.
    All those Dodge, Dodge/Stam or Parry/Stam gems you have socketed, should be switched Expertise/Stam or even Expertise to get you to 26.
    Hit Rating is kinda low too, get rid of those Defense gems and put in Hit/Stam.
    Put a Gem into your Axe.

    You are well over the Defense Cap, you shouldn't be gemming for Defense anymore unless it is a Def/Stam for a socket bonus.

    Get that JC up so you can start using Dragon's Eyes.

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    Yep. The gems and stuff are already a known issue. I'll sort it eventually.

    Btw, the spec worked! Woop! Thank you for the help
    I did HoS HC, and there was no problems whatsoever.

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    i looked at your spec and i see a few things i would do differently, gems as mentioned (def from gear you should gem for more expert and hit) and same w/ chants- ie get ice for your boots, maybe dump some of that stam for some ap (wrist, shoulder and helmet?) and your glyphs (which should be pretty cheap at the ah, unlike those gems lol) HoW, Pest, raise dead (they are little dpsing health potions if you dont go Unholy and get a perma-g, and this makes it a freebie) and DnD (causes threat already- thiss'll add 20% more dps and therefore more TPS) and disease for majors but on your specs it looks to me like you wasted points- UH Tree: dump morbid for RG (more strength=more dps); i find PS is up more than DS so i would throw the 2pts in epi into VS <no count change>; Blood Tree: drop the 3pts in sub for 2 in Butchery (keeps the rp coming) this frees up 1 point for MoB; take the 3pts from BV and put 2 in IBP (here's some of that survivability you wanted and you get to keep your presence on frost) take the left over point and the 2pts from IDS and put them in SD (free dps is the best dps); Take the 3 points out of WotN and the point out of Hysteria <Net 4pts extra> to use in Frost Tree: add 2 points into RPM (someplace to keep all that xtra rp butchery is rolloing lol) and the last 2 pts in IT (IIT is only good for DW and/or your raid/group so dont worry about it) for an extra you can get the Glyph oIT and add some more dps to your disease rotation. i think this would get your TPS higher but i could be wrong lol. gl ne ways!

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    yea, u need more hit/expertise. no matter how hard you hit for, its all meaningless if you can't hit them in the first place. this is especially true for dks because if runestrike misses, we're pretty f'ed in threat. and considering 2h runestrikes occur less often than dw, when it misses, it'll lower ur tps badly. also, ihope you macro runestrike to all your skills like every dk tank. if you do it based on a seperate hotkey, you risk missing it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charonites View Post
    Btw, the spec worked! Woop! Thank you for the help
    I did HoS HC, and there was no problems whatsoever.
    Glad to hear it.

    Btw, as others have said, you'll get even more threat if you can keep your hit at 264 and Exp at 26. If you have to choose one or the other, choose Exp since it also provides some mitigation (the higher lvl gear has a lot of Exp but little hit).

    I find even with ~100 hit I can do an average sustained ~7k TPS, spiking to 12k TPS and dropping to 4k TPS. The only problem with having such low hit rating is on bosses like Toravon, Gormok, and about half the ICC bosses that require constant taunt toggling between tanks. For those fights I carry around a stack of Glyph of Dark Command and reglyph for those fights. A missed taunt there can wipe the raid.

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