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Thread: prot paladin gear and talents and glyphs

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    prot paladin gear and talents and glyphs

    hey everyone,

    im new to this site as i normally read and adjust my toon based on information from tankadin.com but after being gone from WOW for a year i was able to get back on recently. i was deployed in Iraq and where i was i was unable to access the internet. soooo after playing a month of catchup and relearning my paladin as so many things have changed over the last year + a couple of months. i had to rethink my gear options my talent points .. learn the glyph thing altogether and completely forget everything i thought i knew about enchants and gems to figure out the new structure. also under advisement of elders in my guild guys who have been playing since beta version of wow i actually decided to duel spec ret. but i rarely use it save when mining faster to kill mobs gaurding nodes. but i digress back to the reason im posting this. i would love to hear some tanks advice on how to properly gear enchant/gem and stack glyphs on a prot paladin. ill do my best as to logg out on my prot spec and gear so that those who are willing to help can armoury my toon. also a few pointers on addons would be outstanding. currently using omen DBMs xperl pallypower decursive combo as those where the ones i used before my forced detatchment from WOW. im not real computer savvy so i would also love to know about any macros peole might be currently using that they find helpful in making paladin tanking easier and more efficent. i do have the righteous defense macro target of target so i can taunt with RD while targeting the mob. other then that im pretty much without macros. lol so im pretty much trying to revamp my style and get back on track to be the most effective tank i can be for my guild. i appreciate all comments and advice and thank you for taking the time to read this post and help me out.

    have a wonderful day and grab phat lootz

    Robert ( Imriel )

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    The RD ToT macro is no longer necessary, RD does this on its own. Aside from the odd bubble/cancel bubble macro, I don't use any macros for tanking.

    You didn't provide an armory link, so I'm going to assume this is you:

    Can't comment on gear/gems/chants cause you're in ret gear.

    On glyphs, any of these four would be good depending on your gear and what you're tanking:

    -Righteous defense is fine if you're well below hit cap and you're worried about taunts missing
    -Hammer of the Righteous glyph is for aoe tanking. If you're doing mostly heroics, leave it. If you're raiding swap it for something better.
    -Glyph of SoV is ten expertice skill. Unless you're dodge capped (26 skill), it's one of our best glyphs.
    -Glyph of Divine plea (3% damage reduction) is also a great glyph as divine plea should be up 100% of the time.

    On spec:
    -You're missing judgements of the just, which is out attack speed debuff and required for tanking raid bosses unless you know you've got someone else to take care of it for you.
    -You're missing one point in improved judgements which is necessary to get the CD down for our rotation to work properly. (if you havn't looked up the rotation, search for "969 rotation")
    -Stoicism and improved HoJ aren't useful in raid settings. Most paladins use these points to grab heart of the crusader in the ret tree.
    -You'll get conflicting opinions on divinity, but many use those points to go deeper in ret and grab conviction/crusade
    -benediction is bad. use those points to go deeper in ret

    If you're having mana issues in heroics it is usually due to poor divine plea management. Your goal should be to chain pull packs quickly enough that your DP doesn't have time to fall off in between. Bless sanctuary on yourself, keep divine plea up and you should have no mana issues. Those two abilites account for about 90% of my mana return in heroics.
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