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Thread: [Horde - Thrall] <Firefly> Progression Guild LF3M to fill out our ICC25 team 9PM EST

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    [Horde - Thrall] <Firefly> Progression Guild LF3M to fill out our ICC25 team 9PM EST

    <Firefly> of Thrall is Recruiting!

    Website: www.fireflyguild.com

    Raid Times: Wed/Sun/Mon 9:00 PM-12:00 AM EST (Invites start at 8:30 PM EST)

    Loot System: We are moving to EPGP and will be implementing it in the next raid week.

    We have cleared most of all the 10 man content and we have grown and started doing 25 man content.

    Content Progression (10 man)
    -Ulduar 14/14
    -TOGC 5/5 (Insanity)
    -ICC 9/12

    Content Progression (25 man)
    We started 2/1/09
    -ICC 6/12
    -TOGC 3/5
    -Ulduar 4/14

    -First priority: DPS (currently no raiding feral cat, could use a lock, mage, and ehn shaman)
    -Second tier of priority
    -Resto Shaman
    -Holy Pallie
    -DK Tank

    Hybrids welcome.

    Who are we?

    Firefly is a small, tightly knit group of mature, talented players. As a guild, we constantly strive for raiding excellence in order to achieve our ultimate goal: effective progression through endgame content.

    Why only three days? Firefly is composed mainly of gamers who have active and busy real lives. We have many raiders who are married, have children, or have focuses in their lives other than WoW. The three day schedule was selected to accommodate our members' busy lifestyles. While the slimmed down schedule is easier to maintain, it also makes each night of raiding more valuable; our raiders appreciate that as they research, practice, and prepare for raids.

    Our guild and vent conversations are often filled with adult humor some might even call it raunchy, so if you are easily offended please do not apply.

    What are we looking for?

    Firefly takes its raiding standards very seriously. Even though we like to have a good time during raids, everyone in the guild understands that the fun stops when the fail starts, and that precision execution has to be maintained throughout the entire evening. We're all in this to have fun, but without solid performance, raiding isn't likely to be fun for anybody. Firefly is seeking raiders who understand that.

    We expect raiders to show up prepared with flasks and other raid consumables.

    We expect our raiders to be able to identify, analyze, and learn from their own mistakes. Firefly depends upon its raiders being mature enough to recognize their own weak points and work to strengthen them. As a friendly guild, we give our raiders every opportunity to sort out their shortfalls, but a stubborn raider who refuses to improve where necessary will not be accommodated. If you need help other team members will be happy to work with you on maximizing your class.

    Finally, we expect our members to represent themselves and the guild in a mature and professional manner. Members of Firefly are neither arrogant, nor mean. We treat each other and the people outside the guild that we come across with respect. Maturity and decorum have been guiding principles of Firefly since the beginning. Over time they have kept the guild relatively free of drama. Additionally, they have helped to forge not only a raid team, but a group of close friends who work together to kick ass.

    Why are we recruiting?

    We have grown from 10 man content and caught the 25 man content bug and we are looking for a few more members to round out the team.

    When do we raid?

    Firefly has a fixed 3 day raiding schedule and expect commitment to that schedule from our raiders. We currently raid Wednesday, Sunday, and Monday nights. Invites start at 8:30pm and first pull is at 9:00. We typically wrap things up close to Midnight.

    What about loot?

    We are moving to EPGP from the current RNG / Loot council we have now.

    What about 10man raids?

    We will be doing them on one of the raid nights during the week.

    How do I apply?

    If you feel like you would be a good fit for Firefly please visit our website:

    Register and post your app following the template.

    Feel free to message myself Hasselhauf in game or ask any Firefly guild member if there is an officer on.

    Once reviewing your application we can chat on vent a bit more.
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