Angry Aces have opened up recruitment for some fresh blood in the following areas;

Death Knight: Tank
Druid: Resto
Paladin: Holy

Check the guild website for up to the minute recruitment information on the left hand side of the home page.

Now that we've got that out of the way and you're still reading because you're one of the above or just plain pro, lets talk about who the hell Angry Aces actually are.

We've been around since back when Nefarian was serious business, and the majoirty of our core all ended up together either at that point, or later on at level 70 when THE AMANI WAR BEAR was serious business - The point is, we're a very stable guild who's been around long enough to have had several grandbabies.

We started out on the Boulderfist-PVP server, before moving to Frostmane-PVP, and then finally settling in several years later on Shadowsong-PVE.

Our raiding times are as follows;

Wednesday 19:00 - 23:00

Sunday 19:00 - 23:00

We ask that all of our members bring with them 100% attendance capabilities on these two days unless their house gets invaded by ducks or something, as happened to one of our members while raiding Ulduar. We also ask for members that are more concerned with seeing the content rather than gaining their next purple item, and for people willing to go the extra mile when it comes to progressing on bosses.

In return what you'll gain from Angry Aces is a lot of green chat spam, and should you be so inclined, some good times on ventrilo as well. Besides the 'social' aspects of the guild you'll also get chance to participate in a fantastic raid environment with two highly dedicated raid leaders who do their very best to know more about an encounter than Blizzard does, as well as a capable member base that have shown time and time again that they can perform when it's needed most. We also have a great team of officers who do their best to be available as often as they can be to offer any help and such our members might need.

We have a few specific requirements for our members in terms of addon usage and the like;

Have working Ventilo software - Mic is optional but if you can do a good Arnie impression I'd consider buying one and enjoy your instant celebrity status in Angry Aces.

Deadly Boss Mods - Making PvE easy since not standing in the fire became hard.

Drunkard Suicide Kings - This is the looting addon we use in Angry Aces, as explained below.

Looting in Angry Aces;

We use the Suicide Kings looting system for anyone interested that is also interested in how they might receive some loot. It's a decent system with minimal downtime in raids between bosses. This looting system only applies in 25-man Icecrown Citadel, Onyxia and Trial of the Crusader. For every other instance (old raids if we do them & 10 man instances), we apply the simple but effective rolling method.

Should you application be successful you'll be subject to a two week trial period, wherein you may only claim 'offspec' rolls on loot in Icecrown Citadel and Tier 9 instances, which is decided by a RNG provided by DSK itself - This may mean that you lose out on loot to our members' for their offspec. However one good bonus of our Trial period, should you be successful, is that you gain place on the DSK loot list, meaning that once your trial is over, you're likely to be guaranteed the first item you need that drops.


Up to date progress information can also be found on our homepage on the right hand side, rather than continually update the progress here when it could get inaccurate or out of date.

Should you be interested after reading this rather large wall of text, and would like to apply to our little corner of the WoW-Universe, get yourself over to and click on the link that says, fairly obviously, "apply to guild" on the left hand side of our home page.

Thanks for reading, and thanks to all future applicants!