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Thread: 2v2 Arena Comps - Question and Survey

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    2v2 Arena Comps - Question and Survey

    Hey all, a question and survey for you as this new Arena Season gets started.

    Currently, my Arena Partner and I for 2v2's haven't done a match yet (our 3v3 did some games, but it was pretty bad... got the same team 9 out of 10 times, and they facerolled us... lol), so before we get started I was debating the different comps available to us.

    Both of us have more than one toon, myself a Warrior and DK, him a Paladin, Druid, and Rogue. We mainly use my warrior and his rogue for Arena, but we're gearing up our other toons slowly.

    My question is, which comp do you think is generally going to net us the best return? We did alright the few matches we did at the end of the season last year (just getting into Arena) with Warrior/Rogue combo, but would swapping in his Resto Druid with my warrior work out better, or my DK with his rogue, druid, etc?

    I realize there are sites like Arena Junkies to way the pros and cons of different comps, but I wanted to get peoples impressions on these different comps, and strategies, etc. used for the various ones, as well as spark some dialogue on the subject of what Arena teams people are running.

    So the post is really two-fold:

    1) Which comp of the ones available to me would you run?
    2) What comp are you running, and how do you like it?

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    I think the strongest comp you could make out of that combo is Arms Warrior/ Holy Paladin. 2nd would probably be Arms Warrior/ Resto Druid.

    As for the comp I'm running it's currently nothing :P. My mage recently hit 80 so I'm in the process of setting up a UI/gearing him out.

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    i agree with bloodwraith. i prefer arms warrior/resto druid in 2s, but pally is the stronger comp.

    im running pally/warr in 2s with a guildie atm and warr/lock/druid in 3s. i'm still getting used to the pally/warr comp cause for the past couple of seasons i've stuck with resto druids. i like it for now, don't know if i will go back to looking for a druid or not yet. in 3's, i love wld. harder to play than tsg and takes more coordination.

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    My usual partner went afk to eat dinner and apparently fell asleep, so I ended up doing some 2v2's with our other 3v3 partner, a Resto Shaman. The first few were rough (0-9), but then we got the synergy down as our shaman got more use to the pvp mentality, and we squeezed out a 13-11 record last night... felt good.

    We did two 3v3's afterwards with warrior, rogue, resto shaman and won both of those as well, so after last night the season is looking up!

    So far our shaman has been essentially tanking the battles, the other team tries to kill her while I burst them down... doubt it will work at higher ratings, but so far, so good! =D

    I've caught the Arena bug for this season, now... I'm looking more forward to that than raiding right now.
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