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Thread: Low threat

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    Low threat

    Hey Tankspot. I am a druid tank and I have been finding that my threat is extremely low for tanks these days, around 3-4k TPS, normally I tank 5 mans and have been finding Warlocks, Shamans and warriors tend to pull off me frequently, I fear pugging heroics for running the risk of being called "Noob" or a "Crap tank". I am trying my best and tend to achieve single target threat but with groups of more than 3 It tends to be a taunt-fest. My rotation tends to be FF, Demo, Mangle, Lac, Lac, FF, Mangle, Lac, Lac, Lac.
    My armory link is http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sh...lands&cn=Gunek

    This may be due to impatient DPS that just boom straight into fights without any thought of the instant threat they create but i should generally have more than this.

    Please give any advice, I have been tanking for about a year now but this was on a DK so Bear tanking is relatively new to me.

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    Hi EdwardYorke,

    In bear form, you get most of your threat from your weapon. Right now, you have good gear but your weapon is really low. Don't expect to be able to to hold aggro on ilvl 245 DPS class when you have a ilvl 200 weapon.

    About youre rotation
    AOE : maul + swipe and tab to make sure maul its everyone
    Single : always queue maul, keep Lacerate at 5 stack and then use this priority: Mangle > FF > Swipe

    For a threat boost you can use Berserk at the beginning of the fight to build some aggro.

    But even with the best rotation, you weapon is too low to hold aggro on good ilvl 245 dps.

    I hope it help


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    As for where to get a decent weapon upgrade try Ony or H-ToC5. You could try H-HoR, but if you're having threat problems that's probably not the place you want to be.
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    Half your gear is unenchanted, which may not affect your threat all that much but certainly will make you squishy. You don't have to go all-out on the absolute top of the line expensive enchants on stuff you'll likely replace, however something cheap (like a Titanium Weapon Chain on your staff, 28 more hit rating) would still make a nice difference.

    I'm no druid, but Ferocity seems like a very important threat talent, reducing the rage cost of 3 of your main aggro generators by a significant amount.

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    some people complain at me for doing it this way but I find just swipe spamming works and putting FF all them good for about 4 mobs more then that and you need to work a little harder lacerate 2-3 stacks on each swiping all the while, but in small pulls one of the best ways imo is this macro

    /cast lacerate
    /cast maul

    used with the glyph (linked below) which adds a cleave to maul combed with infected wounds it would make you take lest damage and hold better


    btw if you don't already macro mangle to maul too

    I had this problem too man, macros make this better
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