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Thread: Ret Paladin looking for help to optimize DPS output

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    Ret Paladin looking for help to optimize DPS output

    Hi, Well I've been playing WoW for almost 6 months now and I've asked around about my class and spec and how to play it right.

    I've been told many different ways on how my rotation should be and how my talents should be.

    I believe that my talents are fine the way they are, but I am still trying to figure out what the best rotation is.

    I have used all the popular rotations that was told to me:


    so far the every other rotation that I have used has given me lower DPS output on the Heroic Dummy and boss fights vs my own rotation.

    Cons/HW[if undead]/cs/judge/ds/cs/HoW[if available]/exo

    with this rotation I can reach up to 4.8-5.1k DPS on the heroic dummy with my current gear and talent setup. This includes dmg given by AW.

    This rotation however does not have as great mana conservability as other rotations, but in raids it doesn't really matter since i never go below 30% mana...

    I would just like an input on how i should redo my rotation and or my skills and gear enchants and gems.

    I will test out new rotations that anyone suggests as well as talent changes and gear enchants and gemming changes..

    I've been told that my DPS out put should be bit over 7k but i am averaging around 6k+ I would really like to obtain maximized DPS output.

    Thank you for any input provided.

    ~Kyoren of Hyjal


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    Your gear and talents are fine. I don't like Banner of Victory too much, but that's just me :P. I try to avoid Armor Penetration at all costs, but if it's all ya got, it's all ya got.

    I'm not sure if you're using a priority system or a straight FCFS. The priority system allows you to maximize your DPS while keeping Consecration up, but also using the highest damage spell first.

    I'm gonna copy/paste from another thread that I recently posted in:

    Quote Originally Posted by Grandeuran View Post
    The Rotation is basically based on if you have the 2pc Tier 10. If you don't, your rotation should be Hammer of Wrath > Judgement > Crusader Strike > Divine Storm > Consecration > Exorcism > Holy Wrath

    If you DO have the 2pc Tier 10 bonus, it should be Judgement > Divine Storm > Crusader Strike > Hammer of Wrath > Consecration > Exorcism > Holy Wrath. The change in rotation is due to Divine Storm going down from a 10 sec cooldown to a ~6 sec effective cooldown.
    Your gems look fine. You should level up your Jewelcrafting quickly for the higher Strength gems, and when you do, switch out Mining for Skinning for the crit or Enchanting for the Ring enchants. If you have Mining for money or whatever, by all means, disregard this.

    SO, overall, just mix around your rotation a bit, and you should be fine.

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    Thank you for the in put Grand.

    Umm for my rotation I do use a straight FCFS but I always have concecration up, so I guess a mix of priority and FCFS...

    When I DPS my main thing is to always have Concecration up, I think of it as my platform kinda... So when ever Cons is Available I will cast it, same way with HoW... Avenging Wrath is also used like this during boss fights only and HW when undead.

    With the other spells I just FCFS unless 2 skills come off CD at the same time (usually CS and DS) I pick using my rotation, so in this case CS is used first. This eventually leads to my Rotation being reset and everything going back to the starting point, there is however a small 1 sec - 2 sec pause in my skill spamming. This pause is usually counteracted by using Divine Plea but I haven't been able to find a better skill other that Sacred Shield to use just to fill in the gap. During the pause i just wait for a skill to come off CD and continue spamming again. Sacred Shield is kinda helpful but it doesn't help me conserve mana..

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    I have a different approach to that topic for you. Maybe you can't make "moa 'effing DPS" but you sure can silence the guys demanding them.

    Easy things first: Armorpen does NOTHING for you as a retri. Stop using that trinket. Naxx ones are way better than that one. Quick solution for only 40 badges: http://www.wowhead.com/?item=40684

    Concepts second: Retribution paladins are a support class first and DPS class second. Make that your mantra, since you will sometimes gear for that and most of the time gem, skill and adjust your rotation.

    Why do all 'popular' rotations start with judgement and why will I always judge first even when more skills mysteriously come of cooldown? You're a mana battery. Judgement of the wise will not only keep your manapool filled, but also the raid's manapool. The raids manapool is more important than some fractions of your DPS because it translates to more damage / heals.

    Why do I have to coordinate my wings a little more than "use on cooldown"? Because your wings lock out your bubble and by that (as of current patch) the effectiveness of your raidwall or hand of sacrifice.

    Details on when to dispell / pass out hands / rebuff and the like omitted. Always mumble your mantra and then make your descision...

    On to the FCFS: It's simply that. Do it.

    - If you come across the second T10 piece you should always prioritize DS (at least directly after judgement).
    - If you have other conflicts *after* judgement and DS. Always prioritize max damage abilities.

    The seal. This one is ovelooked quite often. Seal of cleave on trash is easy. Seal of vengeance on bosses is easy. Try to find the fights where you can't keep your vengeance stack on the boss rolling and change seals. Example: Jaraxxus in ToC. Your spend more time sealstacking that doing max DPS while switching to mistresses and infernals in the meantime >> Consider using a different seal e.g. righteous in those cases.

    Last thing that comes to my mind is: You have no casts, so latency works different for you than casterclasses albeit beeing a "melee-caster". Maybe you can fasten your response time anyway by using this addon http://www.wowinterface.com/download...lKeyPress.html


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