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Thread: Battered hilt - keep or sell?

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    Battered hilt - keep or sell?

    hi guys, so i was running h PoS yesterday and battered hilt dropped off some trash and amazingly i won the roll! (i never win rolls when i really want something)
    I have rogue - which was my main - and stayed combat until recently when i specced muti.
    and a Prot war - whcich is my nwe main simply because of teh instant Q and my new fondness of tanking.
    My prot war has fury as off spec.

    so.. my rogue has about 4200 gs - and improving slowly , if i were to switch back to combat, the sword would sreve as a great mh until icc. but i kind of like muti as its pretty simple and everywhere i look ppl say its top single target dps.

    and my warrior is pretty much ready for icc10 - and i see alot of people saying that hilt would be a waste as icc10/25 would give me a better 2h for my fury os.

    the hilt sells for 6-15k on my server. i could use the money to level up my professions. but i cant really decide if i should do the quest and use it or sell it =\

    any opinion?

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    sell it if you could get a up ward of 15 k you could buy enfut gear to trick out you toon

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    If i'm not mistake the Agi 2h Quel'Delar suffers a bit on AP but does give an amazing ammount of ArP and Crit.

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    the agi one definitely is better than the str one because of the stat distribution, the agi/crit + arp by far surpasses the str gains and wasted haste stats.

    However, I think the OP is asking if it is worth it to make it himself or just sell the hilt.

    The simplest answer is do you raid 25 man icc and have a reasonable chance at weapons. i think every 25 man weapon is better then QD, and some of the better 10 man weapons might be > then it too, this weapon is one of those "awesome if you don't raid" things, so if you raid, I'd suggest just making some nice gold off of it and praying to the wow gods for a good drop (there's a good amount in icc)

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    You don't have your professions maxed?

    I'd be willing to bet that the benefit you'd get from levelling those, then, would far outweigh the boost from using the weapon.

    In other words, sell it.

    P.s. Lazy =D

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    I used my first one and sold the second one :-) In retrospect I think I should have sold the first one as well since weapons are not that uncommon in ICC10 so unless you dont see yourself doing any ICC raids for a long time then sell it while you can still get some decent cash for it. I got about 14k for mine (5k gold + 3 x Primodial Saronite which were worth about 3k each at the time)

    P.S. No not in spending my whole days in the ICC 5 mans, just dumb luck.

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