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Thread: Block Value in ICC

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    Block Value in ICC

    After seeing that Vodka downed the Lich King, I decided to look at the armory for their Warrior Tank, Grafario, to see what kind of set up he was using.

    It seems like he's stacking shield block value and using some gear that isn't with the current tier(226 neck and ring) in order to get it. I was just wondering if there was any benefit to stacking up on block value for ICC? And if so, would it be worth using the 2 pieces of tier9 for their BV (this would mean giving up the pillars of might)?

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    Looking at recent activity its probably just the set he uses for heroics. Doubt he would use that gear for the lich king encounter.

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    he was probably tanking adds on anub 25 hard mode

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    Yeah, if you look now he's rocking lots of current tier and Heroic ToC 25 gear.

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