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Thread: EPGP Confusion!

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    EPGP Confusion!

    Hello everyone,

    I am thinking of using EPGP with my guild to distribute loot! However I was woundering how much work is involved to manage it!

    I have been reading up on it from this website: http://www.epgpweb.com and it sounds a bit crazy!

    What are your thoughts?


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    It takes a bit of time to setup, but once you get into the habit of distributing EP and GP, it's a fairly simple system. The one thing that is highly beneficial is to keep an account on that website and update it with your rankings after every raid. Get any other officers you have to do the same.

    If you're going to be using a "points" system for loot distribution, being able to track it is a very handy tool. It lets you see who picked up upgrades, and who is actually making use of those pieces of gear.

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    We use EPGP to great success. All members in the guild who wants to receive loot during a raid, is required to have EPGP Lootmaster. No exceptions. This addon helps you to distribute the loot with no hassle whatsoever. Do a trial run with you and a couple of officers to see how it works. It really make EPGP a piece of cake to manage.

    Then make sure that the lootmaster has access to edit officer notes. EPGP uses the officer notes to record the current EPGP standings.

    Get all officers (or even the rest of the guild, if they want) to get EPGP (dkp reloaded) from Curse. http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-a...-reloaded.aspx
    This will let you apply your weekly/monthly decay and everyone can see their standings.

    The way we've set it up is as follow:

    1) You need at least 2500 EP to be eligible for rolling. (This prevents new guys from entering the guild, do a raid and then quitting after receiving a decent piece of gear) If no one wants the item, then someone with less than 2500 is welcome to it.

    2) A weekly decay of 10%. This way the regular raiders will stay on top and the not so regular raiders will gradually sift to the bottom.

    You can get more information on our setup here: http://divinedge.wowstead.com/custom/30

    Give me a shout if you need more info.
    We are currently recruiting..

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    We're about to change to EPGP as well, and our guild website is hosted on Guild Launch (GL). GL has an addon that tracks loot distribution and attendance and then it syncs up with our website so I'd really like to keep using it. But I can't figure out if that means that I need to use the GL addon, EPGP (dk reloaded) AND the EPGP Lootmaster? That seems complicated....

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    EPGP (dk reloaded) manages and records your EP and GP. During a raid you can set it to automatically assign a set amount of EP every 15 mins, 30 mins, 60 mins, etc. It can also track boss kills and let you award EP the moment the boss hits the floor. It reads the EPGP information stored in the officer note to give the information back to you in a readable format.

    EPGP Lootmaster is a rolling addon. Instead of everyone typing /roll, the addon will give them the options (which is configurable) of Mainspec, Offspec, Minor Upgrade, Greed, Pass. You can set it to have less or more options. Everyone selects their option and Lootmaster will display the EPGP standings of all raid members. So you just pick the guy with the highest priority and you can choose to assign GP for the given item, or give it to someone for free or even assign it to disenchant or going to the guild bank.
    Lootmaster works best when everybody has it installed. But it can work via whispers if someone doesn't have it installed.

    Instead of Guild Launch I use Headcount. It tracks loot distribution and raid attendance and I can upload the file to wowstead.

    These 3 addons work beautifully together and you just need to set them up once and after that they make your work so much easier.
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    I have to testify, wherever I see this topic: EPGP is a great loot system!

    I have been using it for my 25 raiding guild for nearly a year now, and we love it. List camping and Item Inflation don't exist and the basis of the formula, Effort put into the team divided by Gear received equals Loot Priority, is something everyone agrees on.

    We use it on EZ mode: We don't use any loot mods besides EPGP. Myself and a handful of officers have it installed and it tracks everyone in the guild whether they have the mod or not. When I distribute loot, I simply open the mod and it shows a real time list of standings in regard to priority. Loot is passed out to the appropriate raider. After each raid I export that data to the EPGP Web site.

    Each snapshot on the website has all the information we need: who received what loot, who was in attendance (illustrated by the green number in the EP adjustment column), and who was not there (illustrated by nothing in the EP adjustment column).

    That's it, you're done!
    Bastion | US | Medivh

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    A well-regarded leadership blogger wrote a great overview also you'd like to read.

    He's also written a guild policy page which you can use to explain to guildies, or better understand epgp itself.
    The DK tank site: pwnwear.com.

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    We have and use EPGP. The only flaws that I have seen are these. Your most active raiders will be on the top and once they get there even when getting loot they won't slip from the top. This creats kinda a bottleneck. The solution that I use is to ensure you have enough decay in respect to the number of EP you generate in a week. The ideal Decay will basically keep everyone about the same beginning value each week. What this does is when an item drops, the player that recieves it will generally drop down a significant amount and thus won't be in line to get another item for a little while, depending on raid attendance. The other things we do are charge double the recommended amount for trinkets. Trinkets and also Tier tokens are items that are in high demand and the EPGP reloaded addon just does not charge enough for them.

    Here is what we did for setup and maintance:

    25 Farm kills = 100 EP
    10 Farm kills = 75 EP
    Progression 10 kills = 100
    Progression 25 kills = 150
    3 kills in a row = farm status
    Prime the system, new recruits get 500 EP, base GP = 250, You can purchase items after you accumulate 1000 EP.
    Decay is 25% per week, started at 10% and people accumulated about 10000EP, had to do a major couple decays to bring peoples EP down to 5-3k.
    Now people hover between 5000 - 3000 EP each week.
    Again trinkets are double price, Tier tokens are 1000 GP.

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    Thanks for all the help!!

    I'm currently looking into Acheronia's suggestions about wowstead and headcount.
    Thanks again!

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    Let us know how it works out. We also switched to EPGP this week. This thread helped me understand is a lot more. Thanks all!


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