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Thread: Why would you even go for a DK tank?

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    Okay guys I cannot thank you all enough. Thanks for all the advice and fellow compasion.

    I know I am kinda lacking expertise/hit for DW frost, but the most important thing for me at the moment is stamina. I know that I can replace my chest & bracers with BS one's but I don't have the money for it. I mean on my server the chest is 4K and the bracers are 2K... I was thinking about using my 'Essence of Gossamar' instead of 'Ick's Rotting Thumb' which provides more hp, then going blood for a total of 36k. Would this be enough to finally get into Toc25 & ICC10? I think I am hit/expertised cap as blood then so I only lack some -232 gear like the cloak & chest... But as I told you before, I don't have the money for it. As for professions, yes I would like to go Mining/JC but it's going to take so much time & money to get it to 450 and I am not too sure about myself whether or not I should do it.

    Example: yesterday I wanted to join a Toc25/ICC rep run. People come and inspect me ( while most of my gear is 232+ ) and they always deny me and telling me I should get more hp. I think I am at around 34K hp now. But I mean, this should be enough to OT? I saw so many other tanks doing it why is it so hard for me to get into raids. I am getting fed up with the fact of being denied every time for my hp. I geared my DK up really fast and he is good geared but still I get denied due to my lack of hp. I know this story sounds old but still, after getting denied so many times you loose the confidence to continue...

    Lol, so I tried to get into the ToC25 with my DK ( who is epic gemmed & fully enchanted ) and I get denied. I was so frustrated that I logged on my resto druid with worse gear ( wearing 200/213 items, not epic gemmed nor enchanted ) and they inspect me and invite me to the raid. After the raid I got 4 245 items and 1 LW pattern. I mean how ironical? I put so much effort in gearing my DK but then later my druid gets rewarded for having worse gear and stats. Jeez, now I am playing on my resto druid again End of story

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    One thing to remember, there are a TON OF NUB DKS out there.
    Alot of the pug Raids I have been in, there are more DKs than any other class in them.

    So the Raid Leaders could be using the health as a "cop out" to say no to a DK Tank.

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    Getting mining to 450 shouldn't take you more than 3 hours - an average raid. Do yourself a favour and get some gloves with Gatherer on them.

    You'll be mining about 1/2 of what is needed to level JC to 370, you'll make back the rest of the gold you invest over jsut a couple of weeks selling your wares on the AH.

    Also, always always turn up to pugs in full stamina gear, that is pretty much all people look at. You can change for the encounter once you are inside.

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