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Thread: Shield Block + Trinket advice

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    Shield Block + Trinket advice

    So after getting some nice key gear from the frost vendor, I decided to get the Corroded Skeleton Key What my idea was is to make a macro that activates this Trinket with Shield Wall. (I have the shield wall glyph, and the talents for it)

    #showtooltip Shield Wall
    /cast Shield Wall
    /use 14

    I see it being helpful since they are on the same cooldown, and it absorbs more damage. What do you guys think?

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    I wouldn't use that as your only trinket cooldown since it can be very useful alone such as on inhale 2 on Festergut but that wouldn't be a bad idea for the Lich King since the trinket isn't really needed in a cooldown rotation but it would be better suited if you had the 4pc and combined it with Bloodrage since it would absorb around 18k of his Soul Reaper ability.

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