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Thread: Confusion with Backpiece

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    Confusion with Backpiece

    I am a druid tank, and the main tank for almost all of my guild's runs, and am currently using a dps cape due to the fact that it was seemingly an upgrade from the naxx25 one i was using earlier. went from this http://www.wowhead.com/?item=40252 to this, gemmed with an agil and stam dreadstone and of course chanted http://www.wowhead.com/?item=50764
    Long story short, should i keep it for awhile or is it a horrible decision to have it and should b replaced with the frost vendor tank cape. Not many smart feral druids without a god complex or massive ego on my server so kinda hard for me to pull suggestions from others

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    Your dps cloak is nice for threat but offers very little in the way of defensive stats. I would only use it if you are in dire need of more threat and have exhausted all other possibilies (such as hunters getting off their lazy asses and Misdirecting onto you). Just stick it in your bank in case you decide to respec kitty.

    The badge cloak is fantastic for all tanks. I can't tell you whether it's your most crucial upgrade because a) you didn't provide armory, and b) I'm not a druid, but it is without a doubt a tremendous upgrade over the Naxx 25 one, and certainly over the one you're using.

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