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Thread: Help with warrior Aoe threat rotation

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    Help with warrior Aoe threat rotation

    Hello everyone first post . I am having trouble tanking more than 3 mobs. I find that I am tabbing like crazy and have no real rotation I just target one mob and spam cleave, thunderclap and shockwave. Could someone explain their rotation on how they tank multiple targets as a warrior. If you could include when/how you switch targets while doing your rotation I would be very gratefull as this has been a problem for a while. Thanks


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    What you have described sounds exactly like multi-mob tanking for a warrior, that's pretty much what it's like. Are you keeping aggro on all the mobs? If so then you are doing OK. It is hard and requires alot of button mashing.

    To be a bit more scientific you should hit TC and SW whenever they are off CD. You should always have cleave qued if you have enough rage. Apart from that SS is the highest threat move, so use it whenever it's off CD or when SnB procs. CB when off CD, revenge if nothing else is off CD.

    Do you use Omen? If not, get it. Then as you tab through you will be able to see how far ahead you are on threat and pay more attention to mobs where you have a small lead. Maybe give them a HS rather than a cleave.

    There are also a number of other add-ons available which indicate threat levels on mobs. Have a look at Curse or Wowinterface. There will be more info on useful add-ons in the relevant forum

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    Thats great, well I dont have Omen or a decent add on like that so that will make my tab smashing a bit easier. I do keep aggro most of the time but every now and then one will run off, hopefully this add on will help. Thankyou for your reply

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    I'm leveling my prot warrior alt at the moment, so I can remember back a bit and feel your pain. Here's what I do, other folks may have better ideas, but this has worked OK for me so far:

    1) Mark a skull on your primary target. (bloodrage if it's up and you are nervous about rage / know it's going to be a big pull, etc)
    2) Charge in to get rage
    3) Thunderclap on the way in
    4) Hit Cleave (I have mine glyphed, so I get 1 more target... maybe not great for raid survival, but for the forseeable future I'm worried about trash in 5 mans mroe than anything else)
    5) Shockwave
    6) Reposition yourself behind the mobs while they're stunned, so that their backs are to your party (if possible). This makes it easier to see when a mob is hitting your teammates.
    7) Cleave and Thunderclap to your heart's content
    8) Tab between targets, look for where you're starting to lose the threat race and concentrate your single target threat (auto-attack, devastate, shield slam) there. When in doubt, return to your "Skull" and keep building your lead on that one.

    Don't forget challenging shout can be a useful "Oh $#@%" button to get everything back on you. Charge, Intervene, and Intercept can be used to help pick up stray mobs if they get out of range of your thunderclap spam.

    Addon wise, you can also use a nameplate addon such as aloft to graphically show when you have solid threat on something, are losing threat, or if you have lost threat under your target's nameplate. It's handy.

    My main character is a pally tank and my warrior is a whole different world. It's fun and very active. When I'm on and in a "groove" I can really feel it. When I'm "off" (usually right after I've been tanking on the pally) things can turn pear-shaped very quickly.

    By no means am I an expert at warrior tanking. Just sharing what's worked well for me as I've learned... since I'm still on the steep portion of the learning curve myself.

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    I like demo shout. The dps i run with you have to scrore a few good hits on the skull rightup front or they are gone. If it is a case that they are more mobs than i can get to before the devine storm puts them on the pally, demo shout gives that litle extra that keeps them there till they get thier fair share of devastation. Something eles i will do is throw at the last target in the group and when it is released i will charge at the skull. This also comes in handy when there is a second caster that is gonna end up out side of my TC range. Shut them up with a HT and by the time you get charged into the skull they should be there beside you for the shock wave.

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