I've been doing alot of heroics the last days to get some gear for my warrior alt.


So what can I improve and what raids can I tank? I tanked ToC25 with almost no problems today so I think ICC10 should be fine?


I'm probably going to buy Spiked Deathdealers if the boots from FoS dont drop tomorrow or so.
First frost emblems item I'm going to buy is the cloak.
I know my shield/shield-enchant isn't the beste because I'm way over def cap but I'm hoping for the ToC10/25 shield.
Same problem with my cloakenchant but I dont have any threat problems so defense enchant > agility?
ICC crafted items aren't possible for this char as this is an alt and gathering the mats for my main is expensive enough.

I also think I need to respec. Maybe remove Imp Revenge because of the Devastate buff? Even if I'm still keeping Revenge on CD (<3 low rage cost)?

And sorry for the bad english.