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Thread: Is my health unbuffed to low? what can i do about it?

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    Is my health unbuffed to low? what can i do about it?

    Hey everyone,
    I have not been tanking for very long now, and i haven't tanked alot of raids so far.
    When i wanted to join VOA 10 man as an OT they said my health was to low. It was 30K unbuffed.
    Is this really to low? Is my dodge and parry not high enough?

    this is my Armory:

    If i need more health, what would be the best way to get it?
    I'm a bit def overcapped. I'm going to change a 10 def 15 stam to a 30 stam.
    My belt is also going to be changed to: http://eu.wowarmory.com/item-info.xml?i=50991
    I wil socket the belt with a 30 stam gem, should i also gem it with 20 hit? or is my hit rating high enough?

    thnx in advance.

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    If they planned on just doing Archavon, you had more than enough hp. If they wanted to do any of the others, you would have had a much harder time surviving and they probably didn't want to risk it.

    If you want higher hp, gem and enchant for it. You're missing enchants on almost every item slot possible and you're gemming almost purely for avoidance (at the cost of HP). Most people will advise against using Ick's Rotting Thumb, which is another thing you can replace if you want more health.

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    First of all welcome to tanking

    Now from my experiance after i came back from a 4 month break PuG's in general only care about 2 things in a tank. HP and gear score. Now for VoA 10 30k is enough in my eyes. I tanked 25 voa Ice guy (forgot the name) with a 4600 GS and 34k hp unbuffed and did just fine. All i really have to comment on is you gotta lose those 200ilvl belt and bracers. Badge gear can do that though. But IMHO i think your fine. Find a guild thats not full of idiots and youll be fine. If HP means that much to these ppl go run ToC 5 man norm for the Black Heart and AN for the Essence. Thats 2k hp right there.

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    Along with what Guth said when you are gemming gem for all stamina unless the socket bonus is 9 stamina or higher then put in a 15 stam 10 aglity/dodge/expertise and 15 stam 10 defense/hit in a yellow. You could make a few changes to your enchants too. I would reccomend making these changes

    Pvp enchant to your shoulders

    225 armor to your cloak

    40 stamina to your bracers

    18 stamina to your gloves

    Tuskarr's Vitality to your boots.

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    Looking at your stats, your Expertise is way too low. You want to try to get to 26 Expertise.

    Gems for a Tank, never ever use Orange or pure Yellow gems.
    The only gems a Tank should use:
    Red: Dodge/Stam or Exp/Stam or Expertise (only if you need it bad)
    Yellow: Hit/Stam or Def/Stam
    Blue: Stam

    Trinkets: Get rid of the Thumb, get the Black Heart from Reg ToC-5

    Boots: Enchant with either 22 Stam or Tuskarr's

    Legs: Regem wtih Exp/Stam and Stam.

    Belt: Get the Belt from Conquest Emblems, it has Hit on it.

    Gloves: Regem with Exp/Stam. Maybe get Expertise Enchant.

    Bracers: Replace with the crafted bracers from ToC-25 recipe, it has Hit on it. Enchant with 40 Stam.

    Chest: Regem as Hit/Stam and Stam. Maybe change enchant to 275 Health. Maybe try to get the crafted chest from the ToC-25 recipe.

    Cloak: Regem as Hit/Stam or Stam. Enchant with 225 Armor.

    Shoulders: Get the non-set Shoulders from Triumph. If you absolutely need the 4-pc bonus something is wrong.

    Helm: I would suggest getting the non-set Helm from Triumph, it has a bunch of Expertise which you need like yesterday.

    Glyphs: Get rid of Hungering Cold, get Frost Strike or Rune Strike instead.

    Spec: If you are going to talent for Acclimation, you should put 3 points into it, not 2. I would the point from Deathchill or Hungering Cold for it if possible.

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    I've followed everyone's advice so far and it's doing great!

    Thnx for the help!
    really appreciat it.

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