Heres the deal:

I am at a loss for how to gem my gear. I have read multiple threads that say "Arp, Arp and more Arp!!" and similar threads about strength. Currently I go to ICC(10) and ToC (10 & 25) and my dps is no where near what I would like (or expect) it to be. I am wondering what is the point where you start gemming for ArP and not Str/Crit. I only pull between 3-4.5k dps usually between 3k and 4k. On the same token where does crit stand in gem priority?

Here is my armory:
I know that my boots are fairly gimp but I can't tell you how many times I have ran H-HoR :|
I want to mention too that I fudged my spec a bit. Imp charge I realize is not the ideal talent taken as a fury war.

Enchanting: I can't seem to find a straight answer to this (admittedly I haven't looked to hard). If I have Beserking on both my weps and both proc at the same time, does it stack? Or is it more beneficial to put beserking on one and something on the other?

If you are still reading this post thank you!! I know its bordering a wall-o-text and I really appreciate any input.

Be Brutal!!