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Thread: [Warrior]trivia about trinket dance and ICC

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    [Warrior]trivia about trinket dance and ICC

    Hi again.

    I just have an issue whit trinkets and icc25/10 raid.

    Atm we have killed lower spire25 and rotface25, but when we engage festergut25, me and my shield just melting by his attack.
    atm we are going whit only 5 healer (maby we need more for that encounter)
    http://www.wow-heroes.com/index.php?...kar&name=Relem this is my armory (taked from wow-heroes)

    Btw, failure at fester can be also my bad, and after few tune to my gear i just realize something about my 2 trinket.

    Atm, as you can see thought this link, i use the classic http://www.wowhead.com/?item=47216 ,but also i have bought the http://www.wowhead.com/?item=47735.

    The black Heart give me rought 7056armor/45sec(i mean 45second cz this trinket have an internal 45sintrenalcd) = something near 157 armor each second, and ofc 126 stamina.
    The second one, give me around 1792 armor forever (so a much more armor overall) and dodge rating on use (aroung 4,6 dodge rating per seconds) but no stamina.

    Abou how itemize a warr tank for ICC we have spent a lot of words, EH is the best way to gear y'rself but now i'm stuck between this two jewel: low armor and 2kHP or hight armor but no hp?

    Rawr say about my EH ,whit black heart,that is aroung 172679Hp, and whit the other one 170554 BUT, and this is the real trivia, whit the first i have something like 905000 mitigation points whit the other one 910420 points.

    i'm just lost at this point.

    Someone can say "LOL take that heroice ver of jugger", but we aren't focused at all on togc25

    Thx for the reply(es)
    Sry for my bad english.

    Coz the race dosen't matter...For anyting else use MasterCard!

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    Black heart can be a very good trinket for that fight if the stars align right. There is the three inhales phase were you get hit on really fast and really hard. If the heart proccs just at the right moment then you're golden.

    Obviously this is something that's just not going to happen and if ever it's not going to repeat itself for every try / kill.

    Stick with the glyph of indomitability because that trinket will provide you with constant mitigation and a cooldown to use at the right time to help your healers with the incoming damage (after your shieldwall runs out this adds a nice fraction of survivability if you have no external cooldown available and if you have that cooldown you can smooth out a part of inhale two).

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