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Thread: Returning DK tank

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    Returning DK tank

    Hello everyone.

    After break which lasted several months, I reactivated my account.

    I noticed that quit a lot has changed since I was playing and I am having a bit of trouble wallowing through the immense amount of info that has been released since my break.

    I am planning on doing some basic heroics to get back on track and rediscover my key bindings

    Did blizzard implement anything that I could obtain relatively easy and would bring my character up to speed? Have the old tanking build been affected ?

    Here is the link to my character: http://armory.wow-europe.com/charact...usher&cn=Modio


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    Can't comment on the Spec, never done Blood Tanking.

    As to gear.
    Run Randoms, Reg ToC-5 (Black Heart), Reg ICC Instances (219 ilevel gear) like crazy for gear and Emblems.
    Get the non-set Helm and Shoulders from Triumph.
    Get the BS bracers from ToC-25.

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