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Thread: Rogue help on Blood queen

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    Rogue help on Blood queen

    last night in my 10 man team we were making some attempts on the blood queen and I need some help.

    I was consistently dieing due to the AoE ticks during the air phase. Aside from Health pots / stones is there anything I can do to reduce this damage? I've tried getting a feint off, however due to the fear at the beginning of the phase I'm typically out of range before she takes off and can't get it to fire.

    Is there something I'm doing wrong / can do differently to help?

    Note: I made sure I was far enough away from everyone to not get bolted, but was still in range of the healers.


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    Don't know the fight, but if you need to break threat, just use Vanish.

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    ok one thing ive learned about rogues is hit hard and fast and die in same order come raid time we die first evry time

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    As long as you are more then 6 yrds away from everyone and not standing in fire its up to your healers to keep you up. There's nothing else you can do outside of pot/warlock cookie.

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    the rogue that runs on my 10 mans uses feint alot, he makes sure he is 6 yards away from everyone and doesn't need to use the fel healthstone/ health pot.
    We havent killed her yet, got her to 28% or something on our first night trying her, tonight we will kill her and I will make a world of log and post here.

    just make sure you actually are 6 yards away from people, and of course, not standing in fire, and also to quickly hug the other linked player.

    make sure to tell people who get the fire to not spread the fire everywhere, run to the back and set the fire trail around there.

    edit: found a world of log on our first attempt night (same night we got our first kill on blood princes)

    as you can see, he only got hit twice by it, while the lock and the shammy shared a bolt each I think -.- but happens (even though it shouldn't lol)
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