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Thread: Hooray for Season 8!

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    Hooray for Season 8!

    Finally. Last week I wasn't fond of the idea of having to wait another week for the season to begin but I used the time to collect more and more honor and this morning I spent the better part of the 245 thousand honor I had stored up.

    I'm actually not playing my warrior but my priest in both Rogue/Priest and Rogue/Feral/Priest. Played some 3s went 11-1 and then continued in 2s to a 1411 rating so we can buy the missing off-pieces. Incoming 1800 push later this week.

    So yeah, how has the beginning of the season been treating you?

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    not so good so far arms warrior with holy pally both starting this season as 2v2 and with a frost mage makes our 3v3 190rat for 2's 46 for 3's. So hopen for better

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    playing with a holy pally in my guild for the time being since my druid from last season got hacked 2 days before the start of the new season. not used to running the comp and he was rusty since it's his alt so we got off to a bumpy start of 19-15. waiting till thursday to start 3s running wld, havent played with these guys either but ive played the comp so might start a little better than my 2s did. hoping to work on twos some more over the weekend to hit 1800+ and start getting some points.

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    Found a random rogue to play prot warr/rogue in 2s with. Never played with the guy but without vent and without ever playing together our MMR is over 1700, played to about 650 rating in our first sitting. Hoping that with some practice and maybe eventually voice coms we'll have little issue breaking 1800.

    Now back to finding a 3s team :/ my server is terrible for finding successsful teams... especially ones that actually want a prot warrior.

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