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Thread: WTB expertise

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    WTB expertise

    So with all the nice new gear out in ICC where has all the expertise gone. Went from being almost at the hard expertise cap to now considering enchanting some of the new items with expertise to even stay soft caped.

    So i guess my question is what is everyone doing about the lack of expertise that seems to be missing.

    Or have I missed something and staying at the cap isn't as critical anymore?

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    until a threat sensitive fight presents itself, I assume that the hard modes will challenge the tank greatly, so i'm forsaking any threat losses in order to boost my survivability for now.

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    Cataclysmic Chestguard - 95 badges - 82 expertise
    Grinning Skull Greatboots - Valithria 25 - 53 expertise

    Tier 10 Legs - 95 badges + token - 82 expertise
    Veincrusher Gauntlets - BQL 10 - 62 expertise

    Grabbing the first two will get you near the soft cap and all 4 will put you near the hard cap

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