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Thread: Battered Hilt for DW Frost DK

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    Battered Hilt for DW Frost DK

    Some guy was selling a battered hilt for 7k in trade chat, about 6k less than what it's going for on the AH on my server. Naturally a lot of tells got to him before me, but I offered him 8k for it and he was quickly persuaded to send it my way. Now I bought it because it was a great deal, but what I'm wondering is, are any of the quest rewards viable for DW Frost Tanking? I know some people prefer DPS weapons to tank with, as it increases threat. Also, with nerubian carapace, it makes any 1h weapon a tank weapon for the most part.

    So what I'm looking for is advice. Would it work, and be a good idea, to get the 1h dps sword? Would it serve a better purpose as a 2h weapon for my Blood DPS offspec? Also raising a Prot warrior, love tanking ;p, so would it be a better option for him? Or should I sacrifice it to my gf for her resto druid and earn brownie points? XD

    Any suggestion or advice would be appreciated.

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    Read a few threads on here stating that getting slow/slow instead of tank/tank weapons can increase threat especially if defense stats aren't needed. Was hoping someone could tell me if using the battered hilt for dps weapon for this would be a waste.

    I suppose I also have the option to turn around and sell it for a profit.
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    The http://www.wowhead.com/?item=50046 is a good weapon for DW.
    A lot of the DW Tanks that I have seen that have gotten the hilt use it for their main hand, but these are also tanks that use two dps weapons.

    Basically it comes down to what is your preference?


    for weapons on how to use that hilt.

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