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Thread: Boomkin Help!

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    Boomkin Help!

    Hey everyone, i was wondering if you could help me out with Boomkin's. Im not really experienced with boomkins at all, but our boomkin in my guild is having dps troubles and i cant help her.
    Any advice?

    Rotation (Priority) glyphs spec etc? Thank you.

    http://www.wowmeteronline.com/combat/11309800#damageout that is the only WMO i can find that shows her as dps, it was an unsuccessful attempt but she actually lived through most of it.


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    Well in general, it's best if the person asks for advice themselves. Giving advice that isn't asked for can sometimes be frowned upon. In any case I'll see what I can come up with for your friend.

    Long response will follow...
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    Ok, here comes the results and my advice...

    They are over emphasizing efficiency talents which should be outgrown by this point in progression. Eventually for a Balance Druid efficiency talents are all over taken by the Moonkin Form replenishment caused on crits. To put it in perspective, your friend has 429/123 (out/in) mana regen and I by comparison have 292/0 (out/in) mana regen, their spells also cost about 6% less mana than mine. I never run out of mana, Moonkin Form alone comes out to somewhere around 1200+ MP5. As mana pool and critical strike rate increase in the higher tiers, a Moonkin gains a substantial amount of efficiency to the point where they theoretically don't require any efficiency talents other than Moonkin Form (however given the tier 10 two piece bonus you would still choose to keep Omen of Clarity regardless).

    Second area they can adjust talents would be Balance of Power. 10% is the base hit cap for a horde Balance Druid, however with very little more hit rating, this player would hit the 12% mark which means they would justify droping 1 point in Balance of Power and reallocating it. Likely when they pick up their tier 10 pants which has hit rating on it they will need to drop one or both points in this talent. In the meantime since they are still below 12% they should keep both points there.

    The spec they should be using would look like this:


    When they can afford to drop a point in Balance of Power they can pick up the second point in Gale Winds. This spec includes Typhoon for situational usage such as the Deathbringer Saurfang fight, so it is favoring buffing AoE damage over the very low single target value talents of Brambles and Genesis.

    Glyph selection is correct. Insect Swarm, Moonfire, and Starfire are the three top DPS glyphs at all levels of progression. They should pick up a third minor glyph just to fill in that spot, Glyph of Dash is nice for running to and from places quickly.

    They wasted Emblems of Frost picking up the wrong cloak. MP5 is the absolute worst stat for a balance druid to take, it has no effect at all on DPS. Spirit at least provides a token amount of DPS. Like I mentioned in the section on talents, they need to not emphasize efficiency so much, Moonkin Form alone has an insane amount of efficiency at this progression level. Ideally you'd like all your gear to have two of the three: Hit, Crit, or Haste. Spirit is ok on some of the pieces but you should perfer the caster pieces that don't have Spirit. You would however always perfer Spirit over MP5 because MP5 has no actual value. Also buying this cloak was a mistake as well based on the fact that a Balance druid would go for 4 pieces of T10 (unless they were using 258 T9, ToGC25) before buying anything offset. I suspect they simply looked at what they had and said the cloak was a big upgrade, however there are better cloaks which drop in ICC10 and ICC25, both off of the healing encounter in the new wing which opens today.

    Boots I would advise using Tuskarr's Vitality personally, even though you can't really calculate the benefit to DPS, the sooner you finish moving the sooner you resume your role. Icewalker would also be better than the Spirit enchant because the 12 Crit Rating alone, even if you were above the crit soft cap, would still be worth more DPS than 18 Spirit. This 12 Hit Rating would also allow the droping of the first point of Balance of Power talent since it would push them over the 12% mark. I would recommend changing their boot enchant to one of those.

    Their enchant on their cloak is incorrect as well, they should use Haste on cloak (23 Haste Rating) which will net significantly more DPS than 10 Spirit would even above the haste soft cap.

    All other enchants are fine.

    Many mistakes being made here. First and foremost, again, this isn't tier 7 and you aren't in fresh dungeon gear. You have enough efficiency now to not gem for it. Intellect gems should not be used at all anymore. The only time you should ever use a pure color (Blue, Yellow, Red) other than a Runed Cardinal Ruby (23 Spellpower, Red) is if you are below the hit cap and need to use Rigid King's Amber (20 Hit Rating, Yellow). Everything else should always be a hybrid gem with Spellpower. Generally you would use just these three cuts: Potent Ametrine (10 Crit Rating, 12 Spellpower, Orange), Purified Dreadstone (10 Spirit, 12 Spellpower, Purple) or Runed Cardinal Ruby (23 Spellpower, Red). Blue you should only ever use if the socket bonus is 7 Spellpower or greater, even if it is 7 then using that Purified Dreadstone with spirit still nets you a DPS loss over using a Runed Cardinal Ruby, however that assumes the other socket is a Red socket (it wouldn't be worth it if you had to fill two Blue sockets, unless they are your only Blue sockets). The minor DPS lost here is acceptable to meet the meta gem requirements. For a Yellow Socket, 5 Spellpower or greater is acceptable to use a Potent Ametrine. Everything else should be Runed Cardinal Rubies. Meta gem selection is right, it should always be Chaotic Skyflare Diamond (21 Crit Rating, 3% Bonus Crit Damage). Reason why I say to use Potent instead of Recklace cut is because crit soft cap is significantly higher than haste soft cap and even above the soft caps they are about even so may as well continue stacking crit in yellow sockets, however spellpower is still the most valuable and should be used in combination with it.

    So with that in mind, the following is what I would recommend.

    Helm: Replace Smooth King's Amber (20 Crit Rating) with Potent Ametrine (10 Crit Rating, 12 Spellpower)
    Neck: Replace Seer's Eye of Zul (10 Spirit, 10 Intellect) with Potent Ametrine (10 Crit Rating, 12 Spellpower)
    Chest: Replace Glowing Dreadstone (15 Stamina, 12 Spellpower) with Purified Dreadstone (10 Spirit, 12 Spellpower)
    Belt: Replace Brilliant King's Amber (20 Intellect) with Runed Cardinal Ruby (23 Spellpower)
    Legs: Replace Glowing Dreadstone (15 Stamina, 12 Spellpower) with Purified Dreadstone (10 Spirit, 12 Spellpower)
    Boots: Replace Glowing Dreadstone (15 Stamina, 12 Spellpower) with Purified Dreadstone (10 Spirit, 12 Spellpower)
    *This makes 3 blue sockets met, some cushion for when gear swaps out, particularly the pants for T10 pants.
    Bracer: Replace Brilliant King's Amber (20 Intellect) with Potent Ametrine (10 Crit Rating, 12 Spellpower)
    Cloak: Replace Glowing Dreadstone (15 Stamina, 12 Spellpower) with Runed Cardinal Ruby (23 Spellpower)
    *5 Spellpower not strong enough to justify use of Blue socket.
    Weapon: Replace BOTH Purified Dreadstones (10 Spirit, 12 Spellpower) with two Runed Cardinal Ruby (23 Spellpower)
    *7 Spellpower not strong enough to justify use of two Blue sockets.

    Each of those changes will all result in a DPS increase over the current gem selection, none of them result in a DPS loss.

    Both trinkets bought with Emblems of Triumph are extremely weak. If you have lower item level alternative they are likely stronger. Illustration of the Dragon Soul from OS25, Eye of the Broodmother from Ulduar10, Dying Curse from Naxx25 are all stronger than the trinkets currently being used. Just because the trinkets are 245 doesn't mean they are better than the 213 or 219 trinkets from lower tiers. ICC10 Gunship drops a the spyglass which is basically Eye of the Broodmother only upgraded to 251 and would be much better.

    Direct your friend to the information provided by me in this other topic.


    It has a decent explaination of the Balance DPS phases and how to approach them.

    P.S. Sorry for all the "you" and "they" pronoun misuse in this post. Used to providing advice directly to the person in question.
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    Looking at the report which is only about 90 seconds long. They didn't use Force of Nature or Starfall which are big chunks of DPS, especially on a short encounter since the effect is a larger portion of the total time. They missed a lot of Wrath casts which tells me they must not have ever applied their Faerie Fire debuff and were running sub hit capped. They had relatively low DoT uptime compared to the total time DPSing which suggests they aren't running the rotation correctly. They used both trinkets to increase DPS however didn't use a potion.
    "In anything, if you want to go from just a beginner to a pro, you need a montage." /w TankSpot WTB Montage for Raiders.

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