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Thread: Mechanics for Blood Mirror soaking

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    Mechanics for Blood Mirror soaking

    So last night was my ICC 10 group's first real attempt at Blood Queen Lana'thel; I am the blood mirror soaker for the fight. We had a successful kill, but I died near the end and I'm wondering what the exact interactions between Blood Mirror and damage reduction effects are. Specifically:

    - Is the physical component of Blood Mirror affected by armor?
    - Is Blood Mirror damage affected by passive damage reductions like Frost Presence?
    - Is Blood Mirror damage affected by active damage reductions like Icebound Fortitude?

    My assumption here going into it was that the answers to the questions would be (1) No (2) Yes (3) Yes, but looking at the damage I was taking last night it seemed like the answer to number three was no (and presumably this would mean that the answer to number two was also no). It only took a couple of attempts for us to kill her so I didn't get a very good sample size, but from what I saw Blood Mirror was consistently hitting me for 11-13k, despite the fact that I used IBF and AotD at certain points in the fight.

    I'm wondering though if anyone here knows of/has done a more in depth analysis of the effects; unfortunately the run I do is an alt run for most people so there is no WoL data to be had.

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    This is all discussed in the ICC strats forum. The answers:
    - No
    - No
    - No
    The only way blood mirror damage can be reduced by the OT is through absorption mechanics.

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    As far as I can tell all damage from Blood mirror is shadow damage. AFAIK this damage is not reduced by magic damage reduction talents such as Imp. Defensive Stance .
    Delirious Slash however is melee and I believe is affected by armor, but the dot is not. It causes weapon damage to be split between 2 targets leaving a bleed debuff. (Like cleave, I do not believe it necessarily splits to the linked target as our melee suffered a few hits).

    As far as I know the only way to reduce damage incoming on the OT is for the MT to stack more armor, and pop cooldowns. It appears all the damage the MT takes directly afflicts the OT regardless of talents, resistances, or cooldowns.

    This information was gleaned from about 4 parses, however the we never swapped roles, so it's difficult to draw conclusions from the parses I have available. I'm not positive of the above information, but is rather inferred from observations.

    Oh that also means that the spinning aerial pooping on kids does double damage to the OT, the damage he suffers naturally, and the damage the MT suffers.

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    Delirious Slash is not a cleave, it's targeted directly at the Blood Mirror target. It can be mitigated by all normal stuff, works just like Gormokk impale but doesn't stack in normal because the duration of the dot is shorter than the frequency with which she applies it.

    It is very easy to see how this all works using the Log Browser feature of World of Logs. Select a BQL wipe (or all BQL wipes if you like), remove 'show all events' and add 3 new queries:
    Show events where spell is Delirious Slash
    Show events where spell is Blood Mirror
    Show events where source is Blood-Queen Lana'thel and target is Sweltina
    ..replacing 'sweltina' with the MT's name of course. Now you will see that the exact damage that the MT takes is always applied to the OT via blood mirror, except when some of it is absorbed.

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