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Thread: How to spend my frost emblems

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    How to spend my frost emblems

    First: http://www.wowarmory.com/character-s...&cn=Runehunter (FYI, I was screwing around in Kara, and logged in Blood Presence. My current tanking HP unbuffed is around 37,100).

    Okay here's the deal. I am trying to decide how I want to spend my frost emblems in order to make myself a durable tank, and to make myself as good as possible quickly. Here is why I am stuck: My cloak is still from the emblem of valor days, and in my opinion cloaks are very hard to come by. So my first reaction is to buy the tanking cloak first. BUT my belt is also fail (ULD 10), and I think it could be a good investment to get a stout upgrade like the tanking belt. I don't like the "use" on the trinket although 228 sta is nice. With the release of Toravon (VOA 10/25), I do not want to spend frost emblems on buying T10 legs and hands (not to mention I have 245 tier legs and hands) if I can help it (at least not right away). BUT, I don't know which T10 slot I would buy 1st because in my opinion, ICC 10 Deathwhisper drops a sick tank chest, ICC 25 Deathwhisper drops the Broken Ram Skull Helm, and I already have 245 shoulders. My head is still 226 tier, but I have a chance to get the 245 Ony Helm or the 245 Triumph Helm. So should I go shoulders for T 10, the frost emblem cloak, or the frost emblem belt? OR something else? Any ideas?

    Sorry if this was a jumbled post. If you have any other questions or comments based on spec or what I currently am equipped with, please do not hesitate to post. Thanks.

    Runehunter, US Crushridge ORC DK

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    Get the cloak. It is the biggest and most likely hardest upgrade.
    Get the Non-Tier Triumph Helm, you need the Expertise LAST WEEK.

    Your Hit Rating is too high, and your Expertise is too low. You don't need more than 263 Hit and you need to get to 26 Expertise.

    Not commenting on spec, since I have never tanked as Blood.

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    http://www.wowhead.com/?talent#jcEGq...ssL0xxZ0gh:Gdi Is a decent spec im using to do more damage
    LOL at shoulder gem put 51 stam and LOL at belt buy the badge and put 51 stam in and like Selene said get rid of hit get exp your threat is pretty bad with that dismal amount of exp

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    No need to LOL at the OP, sir.
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