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Thread: DPS T10 Bonuses

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    DPS T10 Bonuses

    I looked around to see if I could find any threads relating to the Tier 10 DK dps set, but I couldn't find one. If I missed it and this is old news, I apologize.

    My question is, as I save up badges, what are dps dk's thinking about the bonuses on the T10 gear?

    I think the 2-set bonus is amazing (at least for Frost DK's like me that Obliterate a lot), but what are peoples thoughts on the 4-piece? A slight damage increase when all runes are on CD - how many dk's are gunning for that versus the other alternative gear in ICC?

    Along those lines, which pieces would you grab if you went for the 2-set, and which for the 4-set?

    Curious to see what people are thinking as far as gearing for max dps. Thanks!
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