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Thread: Am i ready for ICC10?

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    Am i ready for ICC10?

    hey guys, thanks to your advice i was able to improve my tank a little bit.
    got a few upgrades from toc10/25
    just wondering if you guys think my gearis good enuff to tank icc10


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    Your Health is a little low and there are many changes you can make to improve your itemization.

    1) Parry gems are a no no. Parry suffers from the DR curve alot sooner than dodge. Replace the gem in your legs with a dodge/stam gem. As for the one in your shoulders the basic rule of thumb for MOST people is to not gem for bonuses unless it is at least +9 stamina. Either replace it with 30 stam or dodge stam.

    2) Put a def/stam gem in your helm. You're missing out on a ton of health from that item.

    3) Chants. You've got alot that I would suggest changing.
    -The biggest one is your helm. You're using a pvp dps chant, get the prot one from the argent crusade.
    -Cloak needs a chant. I would suggest armor.
    -+275 HP to chest, you're way over the defense minimum, no need to sacrifice stamina for it.
    -+18 stam to shield
    -+armor or 18 stam to gloves.

    4)Gear upgrades: I would suggest that you make your next frost badge purchase the Verdigris Chain Belt. It's an absolutely stunning piece of armor for only 60 badges. After that look to replace your chest with either the Cataclysmic Chestguard or T10.

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    I think you would be fine with the first 4 bosses, I saw a tank with 34k hp last night who didn't know any fights, and we did the first wing no problem, as far as gems/enchants listen to the guy above me

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