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Thread: Help with itemization and dps

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    Help with itemization and dps

    Hello all, I need help with itemization for my character. I am new to WOW and have been only playing for 4 - 5 months. I am in a raiding guild and am trying to increase my dps but i seem to have hit a wall per say. Basically I am getting roughly about 4.5 k dps per encounter and I don't know exactly how to up my dps. Friends of mine keep telling me that I have the gear to pull 6k or so which is why I am here asking for advice. Here is my armory and please let me know what it is I should do.


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    First thing I see is GET RID OF THE BOOTS. You have Bladed Armor as a talent, which means you need to wear plate boots.
    http://www.wowhead.com/?item=44306 are a good start.
    Farm H HoR for http://www.wowhead.com/?item=50305

    Get rid of the ilvl 200 ring get the Triumph Str Ring.
    Go to ICC and exhange that Agi ring for the new Str Ring.

    Beyond that I can't say much since it has been forever since I been Unholy so don't know the spec or rotation.

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    The AP from the armor from the Ebon Blade rep boots may not be enough to offset the amount of stats, but I'd get the HoR boots ASAP.

    I'd perhaps get the agi triumph ring consider the amount of hit he has already. Speaking of hit, don't gem it when you're already over 263 hit (look at your helm).

    Beyond that, it's how you're playing. You have some very solid gear.

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