We are a recently formed guild, just over two months old. We are in NEED of HEALERS bad. When the Guild Leader loggs on to start a raid we generally have all but the healers online and ready to go withing 5 minutes. Myself being the raid leader, as well as the guild leader, I put every raid up on the calendar no later than One week in advanced. Some are even posted two weeks in advanced! We like things scheduled. At this point in time we only raid twice per week, on Tuesdays generally because everything resets and i do not want anyone getting saved to anything we are planning to do, and on Saturdays. The raid times generally start between 8:00 pm ST and 10:00pm ST. However, this does not mean that we do not randomly throw together a raid in the middle of the week . I am beginning to gain enough people to start running 25 man raids. I have tanks... I have dps... My server just appears to be short on heals, lol. That or they are all happy within their guild arrangements.

Guild guidelines

We operate off of three basic rules as follows...

1)Real Life is ALWAYS more important.We feel that everyone has their own issues they have to deal with on a daily basis whether it be from parents, teachers, school in itself, or anything else for that matter. We encourage all to make attendance as often as possible but we hold nothing against you for not doing so. On this note, If you for any reason feel that you like the atmosphere but do not want to raid. That is ok, just hang out and chill!

2) Treat others the way you wish to be treated.As cliche as this sounds, we understand that their will be times where people just annoy you. However it is important that you not let this get to you. Keep in mind that people tend to treat you the way you treat them and this will be returned one way or the other.

3)HELP OUT!, this cannot be stressed enough. This is one thing that has began to fall apart as of late within the last expansion. Some of us remember Pre-BC where this was not a problem. Guilds enhanced game play and made things enjoyable. I started this guild to bring this aspect back to the members of my guild. This concept ranged everywhere from farming to donating to the guild bank. On this note, it is important to note that we have many members that are new to the raiding scene and do their jobs well. However, due to guild relations in the past they have been unable to get into any raid of any sort. So I am teaching them about this atmosphere, DO NOT LET THIS DISCOURAGE YOU! Remember WE were ALL noobs at one time or another!

No carrying policy!

You may ask yourself, "what is this" well... to keep it simple. We expect you to know your class better that we do. This is not saying we will not help you with a problem if their is one. We are simply stating that from level one, you are expected to level your toon the way we did. This is done because we wish for everyone to actually learn how to play their toons of choice, whether it be an alt or a main character. There are situations where some of us may end up in an older instance farming for one reason or another, if this is the case all lowbies are welcomed for come grab xp and free items. Keep in mind this is on an offer only basis, we do not provide this to those that make it routine to "beg" for this.

No questions asked policy!

If you decide to leave for any reason what so ever, we understand that you could have been better used elsewhere, with your time and skill set. Please be aware of the fact that no one is supposed to ask you what happened or bugg you about the fact. We bare no ill will toward anyone who chooses to leave. This is a game and one must do what they need to do to enjoy their experience. However, on this note, please understand that as a guild leader I need to know of infractions that may occur within the guild or otherwise outside of it. I cannot correct a problem if no one is there to let me know about it. If I cannot fix the problem, I understand.

If anyone is interested in this offer. Please Contact me via my email which can be found on my profile here on this site, or send me an in game mail.

Your future Guild Leader,
Cellinheim of the server Bleeding Hallow.