i do 3600 dps unbuffed on a heroic training dummy. my average dps for 10man marrowgar is under 5k. i feel that this is far lower than it should be. i follow the rotation listed by the great me at tankspot along with the priority list for when to use heroic strike and cleave. there is a arms war in my guild that always beats my dps. am i geard wrong or talented wrong. should i be gemming for ArP. with my gear what dps whould i be doing anyway. i was under the impression that fury at high gear levels would do more dmg than arms, am i wrong there? one other thing though that is the only high point to my rading day is that on the icc trash mobs i can average 10k and spike to 12-13k. also if i am not following the rotation as i should be are there any addons that would record what ability i used when i used it?