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Thread: New bear tank here...

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    New bear tank here...

    Hello fellow druid tanks,

    I am in some dire need of help, to give you a little back ground I have now taken over a spot as a tank for my guilds toc25 and icc25 man runs, I originally was cast as a healer/feral dps but due to some unexpected circumstances I have been asked to tank for the time being. The last time I was a raid tank was back in the BC days, I tanked everything up to BT, but since then I have only tanked random heroics for fast badges. My gear is few and far in between, most of it is just modified dps gear with extra stam gems in it, I am hit capped and over the soft cap for exp. I used standard model tank talents that works well so far, as I can put out a good 6k-11k TPS (stats based off of Marr 25 kill last night).

    It didnít seem like the healers had a very difficult time healing me, but I am sure that my gear lacks the proper composition for raid tanking at this time. I have been doing some searching but with my time constraint on doing this I have not come a cross many hard numbers on topics that I am trying to find out: what is a good amount of HP/armor to be tanking toc25/icc25? What gems should I be looking for when it come to effectively utilizing slots? When is the best time to blow CDís like berserk and instinct? What macros are out there to assist us in our button mashing tank style? Is there any standard as to affective help for bears?

    I really appreciate all the help.

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    Darksend's guide should answer most of your questions in depth, but some specifics:

    Ideally you should have at least 50k health raid buffed to start ICC, and at least 30k armor. That's about the bare minimums. For ToC (not heroic mode) you need far less - maybe 40-42k and 26k armor. For gems, in general it's all stam, all the time; you need one red gem for your meta and you may have a yellow socket in your helm worth activating. If you need to use a red, use a shifting. If you need to use a yellow, get a nightmare tear.

    I blow berserk almost immediately on pulls that I'm MTing unless there's a fear or I need to save it for a higher DPS part. My start looks like: FF->Charge (taunt)->mangle->lacerate->berserk mangle mangle etc, keeping up the lacerate stack as it is about to fall off.

    And what is instinct?

    Macro wise, basically all of your threat moves (FF, mangle, lacerate, swipe) should look like this:
    /cast mangle
    /cast !maul

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    Thank you very much for the advice, what i meant by "instinct" was survival instinct. Question for you, where might i find darksend's guide? I am also new to the site though it says i joined in 08, till now i haven’t spent much time on here.

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    Darksend's guide is here:

    On SI (that's the typical abbreviation, not instincts) it's typically used like this for me:

    Marrowgar: on the first transition on picking him up after bonestorm
    Deathwhisper: usually on the first transition (either picking her up) or if interrupters mess up and you know
    Gunship: if you stay over on the boat, use it as late as you can
    Saurfang: I don't know why you ever would
    Festergut: when he reaches 90% - a couple seconds before that.
    Rotface: as he reaches around 20% health
    Putricide: on the third tank swap
    BP: on the first switch of tanks
    BQL: after the first air phase

    But it really depends on what your group is like.

    On ToC:
    NRB: depends on the taunt swapping, but in general around the last impale on the second tank swap. Then on Icehowl in the middle somewhere. Alternately, using it on the enrage on dreadscale.
    Jaraxxus: not sure when you would specifically.
    FC: same - and in fact it'll hurt you
    Twins: usually during the other shield, but occasionally if you want to eat a lot of orbs
    Anub: towards the very, very end (and if you can avoid it, not at all)

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