Hey all, the main purpose for this is to get a better picture of enchants and gear upgrades I should be looking for. Reason being is that I am more often switching to my dps set instead of tanking as my guild has 4 2900GS geared tanks and theres a good number of 2 tank fights in ICC as it is. I have probably the best OS dps of the other tanks so Im switching more frequently.


Now with my current gear, please forgive that they are all rare cuts with very few Epic gems. I'm stockpiling up Cardnial as I type this to convert out all my gems. So my main concern other then rarity are the right type of gems being gemmed, any help on the enchants would also be appreciated. I can average about 5.2-5.6k in 25 mans when I dps but always want to be doing more and have a good feeling gear/gems/enchants are wuts holding me back atm.

*PS No ICC emblem loots for now as all my Frost emblems go to my Mainspec being tank*