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Thread: Paladin Help

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    Paladin Help

    Greetings all,

    I decided to see about leveling a tank to round out my stable of 80s, so I rolled a paladin. Because of the Dungeon Tool introduced in 3.3, I've been playing the paladin exclusively and tanking with it since level 15. At this moment, the paladin has been level 80 for less than a week and I'm still gearing up. And I've noticed a problem that I assume is common enough that others have had it and hopefully solved it.

    How do you gently tell DPS to slow down and/or focus on the kill target?

    When I get a good group for a random heroic dungeon, things run smoothly, aggro is maintained and the instance is cleared rapidly and efficiently. But when I get a group where the DPS out gear me (not hard given how recently I hit 80) and when they don't stay on target, I'm very rapidly reduced to having to rapidly tab thru all the mobs to determine which ones I've lost aggro on and taunting them back under control. Given that I have just 2 taunts every 8 seconds and many times each DPS is on a different target, this rapidly turns into a losing situation.

    The way I see it, the objective of the party is pretty simple:
    Kill all the mobs in the encounter before the healer runs out of mana.

    And in order to meet that objective, we have the three roles:
    1. Tank - Create more threat than the healer on everything and as much excess threat as their skill and gear will permit on a few selected mobs to allow DPS to rapidly and efficiently kill them.

    2. Healer - Keep the tank healed while he/she is attracting all that unfriendly attention from the mobs. Healing requirements on the healer and DPS should be minimal unless there's unavoidable AoE effects going on or similar activity

    3. DPS - Lay down as much DPS as possible on the selected kill mobs without pulling aggro from the tank. If they do pull aggro, have an aggro dump cooldown ready for immediate use.

    The surest sign I've found of a failed group is the following:

    At some point within the 1st couple of pulls a DPS character asks "Does anyone have a DPS meter?"
    This doesn't always mean a failed group, but it does often enough to make me cringe when I see it.

    Armory link follows:

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    "kill {skull} first"
    "don't aoe till {skull} is dead"
    Asking gently is easy. Making them listen isn't.

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    And after asking gently, all you have to do is make sure nonmarked mobs don't go at the healer. If they go at anyone else, it's their own damn fault, and you should let them die. (It helps if the healer is on your side.)
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    ...there is no true progression for a casual anymore, just hand outs.

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