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Thread: mitigation vice stacking stam

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    mitigation vice stacking stam

    i am a progression main tank for my guild but i often find myself pugging.
    in pugs im always ot becuase my hp is like 2k lower while my dodge/parry are always 10% higher.
    is there a point to stam stacking or should i just suck it upand get all stam or stay like i am and have better survivability?

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    dodge and parry only work against physical attacks stam provides more cushion to your healers when a magic blow hits you. The way the game is set now stam stacking is the way to go, healers just big heal spam with minor mana issues. dodge and parry can also create spike damage scenarios which can stress healers example: miss miss hit miss hit hit miss. In other words damage comes in at random intervals. Which isnt to say avoidence is bad its that it is in abundance as is on gear and HP works better.

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    Avoidance vs EH

    Avoidance - you might be missed more often, but when you get hit, you tend to get HIT HARD, since you take a lot of Spike Damage.

    EH - you'll get hit more often, but the amount of damage taken tends to be consistent, so your healers don't have to "panic" due to Spike Damage.

    I think kinda sums up what you are asking I think.

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    This has been discussed tons of times quick answer is go with EH because almost every tank death is because of burst or primarily magical damage where avoidance relys on randomness too much, if you want to go more into detail just search EH vs. avoidance.

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