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Thread: Fury low DPS Question (Icc 10m Level)

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    Fury low DPS Question (Icc 10m Level)

    So my trouble is that i feel like my dps is super low. On Saurfang, with only another UH DK i can only push 4.5k dps. Around 50% and lower i feel so raged starved but still its terrible. I know to only to only use HS when i have more than 70 rage and slam when it procs but i still become starved.

    My exp is slightly low and my hit is super high, im trying to replace the trinkets with the NES and the Exp trinket from ToC. Any other advice would be appreciated.



    Thank you guys.

    PS: The crappy gems are only because im testing out the benefits of ArP against being pure Str. Should i gem to cap my Exp or just get that straight through gear?

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    5% over the hit cap, 11 points under expertise cap. IMO you NEED to be expertise capped because no matter how much str or however high your stats it doesnt make as big as a difference as a completely missed swing. especially as Fury. You either have pvp gear or you logged out after pvping, im not sure. But you may want to grab the 232 triumph legs, 50 badges, lots of expertise and it may put u a little under the cap but close enough for now. Since you're so high over the hit cap, lose the hit trink. Item lvl doesnt mean its better. Str vs Arp? if you have an ArP trink (ideally NES) then you should gem to 54% ArP and then go str. IF you can hit the hard cap of ArP then by all means gem all for it. But this isnt really possible with ur current gear but it will be as u progress into icc. So if you cant hit the 54% mark with gems and gear and you have ArP trink, then go all Str.

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    Also, if you want a pure raid spec, its all single target, you can lose points in Imp Cleave and glyph of cleave for Execute. If you feel rage starved, spec into either Unbridled wrath or Imp Beserker rage

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