Echelon is now recruiting for ICC 25 man raids. Echelon is a guild for excellent players who are unable to commit to 3+ days a week, yet still desire upper level content progression.

We raid Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8-12 EST (server time). On off nights, we generally run 10 man content.

Because we raid so little it is important that applicants be of the top tier of players and come to raids prepared. This includes showing up consistently for raids, knowing encounter details and strats, and having the proper consumables (e.g., flasks, food buffs). Although we have a casual schedule and fun guild environment, we focus on progressing during raid times.

We are currently recruiting the following classes/specs:

- 1 Holy Paladin
- 1 Balance Druid
- 1 Warlock

We will consider exceptional players of classes/specs not listed here. Please visit our website at or contact Incubo, Khue, Noambition, Vargis, or Boscage if you are interested in joining or would like additional information.

Current progression: Everything but BQL, 14/15 Attempts remaining.