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Thread: New tanking ideas

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    New tanking ideas

    Okay well I am trying to figure out the best way to figure out all the heroic fights for tanking. I am in a small guild that usually only has a few folks on at a time so the LFG thing is handy for me. My problem is that I haven't done the fights as the tank. I have gone DPS to try and get some gear for tanking. I know there is a lot of "he is the tank, he knows all the fights" so i don't want to insta-suck LOL. What do you all suggest? Just go in as tank and wing it? I am my DPS stuff now or I would link the armory just for ideas but am close to 33k hp with 545 def so I think I should have enough for the LFG heroics shouldn't I?

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    Defense capped and 33k hp is way more than the minimum tanking gear for heroics, so no worries there. About knowing the fights and stuff, most everyone is so geared nowadays that you just manhandle everything that is thrown at you, but for specific strategies you can look up dungeons and bosses on wowwiki.com. They usually have some good info. Feel free to say that you aren't super familiar with the instance if you aren't, if you had like 25k hp (which is still more than enough) people would complain and whine and drop group or something. But a lot of times there's some nice people that will give a quick explanation if they feel the need to.

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    If you were there as dps, and kept your eyes open, you probably remember lots of the pulls and boss fights -- at least, for the ones that you ran most.

    If you were blindly dpsing behind the tank, shame on you.

    You don't need to know every single pull before you can tank it, or even every boss fight. You just need to be prepared to react appropriately, have some idea what you should try to do if things start going wrong. What abilities do you have that will let you pick up unexpected adds quickly? What can you do if you get hammered harder than you thought you would be? And so on.

    Also, there's no harm in saying "I don't remember this boss too well/I never did this boss. Any tips?" while in a group.

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