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Thread: New to raiding Arms DPS Help

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    New to raiding Arms DPS Help

    I'm fairly new to the raiding scene and am hoping to get some advice on my gear. I can pull about 4 to 4.7 K on a boss that doesn't move around to much, but it can drop to the low 3K on a boss that does (Mostly Toc, hoping to get into some ICC shortly). It could be more of a matter of learning the fights better, but would greatly appreciate some advice on my gear and what to target next:


    I've been working on getting the NES trinket from FOS, but have been getting very unlucky. After getting that I think I should be switching the +Str gems to +ArP, but confirmation on that would be great. Thanks in advance for any help.
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    Others can provide much better gearing advice than I, but as far as losing DPS on movement fights, as I understand it that's just how it is: Fury is better with fights where you have to move (but stay in melee contact with the target), while arms is better when stationary.

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    I agree with the advice above. I also think you would see a gain from Arp gems but I would hold off until you got NES, MR, or GT. When you upgrade your gear you can focus on gear with Arp so that one day you will have 100% Arp from gear and gems without a proc trinket. If you get a proc trinket only regem enough so that when it procs you are reach 100% Arp. Above that its a waste.

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