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Thread: DK Tanking Gear/Enchants and Gem help

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    DK Tanking Gear/Enchants and Gem help

    Hello to all I am new to the tanking game and haven't practiced the art very much at all, As Have mostly been a stand at the back and fire lock rotations at a target.

    I have been trying to grab as much kit as I can in the tanking gear realms for my death knight on Frost spec, to be able to go out in 5 man norm and HC runs. What I need now is any any advice on the the enchants and the gems (epic) I should be using on the current kit I have at moment to able to handle my own and keep the aggro in a run and upgrade as i progress.

    Current kit on armory - http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sh...orn&cn=Molpols

    Any help and advice on this subject will be very much appreciated.

    Regards Mols

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    I'll go over it slot by slot

    Head: Get the stamina/2% armor meta.
    Chest: DPS chest = no-go. T9 is easy to get when running heroics.
    Bracers: Block is useless, easiest upgrade is either the crafted ToC ones, or even the emblem ones (they are BoE if that matters). You'll also want to put 40 sta on there.
    Gloves: Block again, upgrade ASAP and slap the engineering 885 armor enchant on there!
    Boots: Most tanks agree that Tuskarr's is worth the minimal stamina loss.
    Trinkets: Need urgent replacement. Easiest to get is hc AN and normal ToC.

    Overall gemming: As long as you over the Defense cap, add more stamina. Socket bonus being stamina you can look at placing in 1 red/yellow socket with a hybrid gem with half stamina. Preferred options would be hit or def for yellow and expertise or dodge for red.
    Heroics caps are 535 Defense, 22 expertise and 7% melee hit.
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