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Thread: Festering Fingerguards for tank?

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    Festering Fingerguards for tank?

    I just remember I have these kicking around in the bank. Checked em out and they look pretty decent for tanking. I have the 232 t9 gloves and I'm currently saving up for the offtier frost gloves. These look pretty good though. Lose out on avoidance but gain on EH.

    I can see a place for these in one of my tanking sets even though they are officially a dps item. Any thoughts?
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    since most of the time, if there is an absolute need for a "threat" set, EH takes a backburning in priority, I'd say this could be useable, not really any "wasted" stats, just no defensive stats, but 3 sockets (BS assumed) makes for a pretty big stam boost on this if you're using the 232 t9 gloves (i assume you meant t9 not t10)

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    Sorry yes. t9. I have amended.

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