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Thread: Prot Paladin T10 4P setbonus, renews automatically. true/false?

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    Prot Paladin T10 4P setbonus, renews automatically. true/false?


    i have tried to check around many posts to figure this out I am facing the decision to go with the T10 (25 man) set but is the 4 set bonus as good as it sounds ?

    Anyone know if you will gain the 12% dodge every time Divine please renews due to the talent Guarded by the Light Since every hit i do basically renews Divine plea which would mean i would then have Extra 12% dodge all the time since as soon it runs out the divine plea will be renewed upon attack and then set of the 4p set bonus

    anyone has to answer to this so i dont waste the frost emblems on T10 ..if this is not the case then it would be better to focus on the inc Armour gear in ICC imo

    any answers are appriciated

    Best regards

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    I want to say that it will be 12% dodge every activation every minute. If it was every renew from the talent, that would be a constant 12% dodge and would be pretty OP and cause QQing from warriors and maybe DKs with the 12% damage reduction 4pc.

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    The talent does not re-apply, it resets the duration. Therefor the set bonus is only applied when pressing the button.
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    yea it does not recast when DP refreshes. The 12% comes from when you actually cast it so once every minute. Still its not a bad extra CD.

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