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Thread: Blood Tank Stat Itemization Problems

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    Blood Tank Stat Itemization Problems


    Armory - http://www.wowarmory.com/character-s...ndris&cn=Jadis

    I am a blood spec DK tank and while im doing ok with getting upgrades to my gear, im a little worried that a few of my stats may be lacking. I currently have 17 expertise, and im not to sure if i should regem for more or just wait until i get some upgrades, such as the ony neck or toc bracers.

    Also I believe my stam is a bit low for my gearscore. I only have 33,751 Hp unbuffed (With Frost Presence On) in my eitriggs oath and purified onyxia blood talisman trinkets, and with my black heart and bubbling brightbrew trinkets i have 37,041 Hp unbuffed (in Frost Pres). I always feel a little squishy in fights, especially Lord Marrowgar. I was thinking about getting the Glyph of Indomitability to raise my armor, which I also believe is low, but i'm not sure if it would be a good trink for me. I would probably replace my Eitrigg trinket with it.

    Im also thinking that I should get the Verdigris Chain Belt with my emblems of frost next, then after that im not sure if i should get the corroded skeleton key or the cataclysm chestguard (im leaning towards the key only because the chest from Lady Deathwisper 10 man seems easy enough to get). I have 48 emblems of frost today before reset. Any suggestions on gemming and where to spend embems, even gameplay tips are all welcome.

    Ty for your time and help!!!
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    Ok to start blood is very squishy spec as it has no damage reduction talents.I would first swich your orange gem in your meta to def stam swich you shoulder to 30 stam 15 resil and glove chant to 18 stam then look into getting the axe from saurfang it has exp. as for trinkits in icc i personally swich between about 6-8 trinkits/wepts depending on if i need stam avoid armor i would look into getting http://www.wowhead.com/?item=47080 as it is far superior to the key or ghey proc as far as the belt it is a good upgrade as there isnt much in the way of drops in 10 icc.And try to run at least 2 wepts one with stoneskin and one with the parry rune i forget what its called.

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    Ty!! im going to switch my shoulder enchant out to the stamina one for sure, because im way over def cap anyway, and i will definitly work on getting the stamina trinket from ToC 25.

    The only thing im still worried about is my expertise and hit. If i go for the Expertise weapon then ill be under hit cap, but as i am now im under the expertise soft cap. So im a bit worried about changing the ench on my gloves from expertise to stam.

    Another thing im worried about is that my guild is wanting to use me as an offtank in 25 Icc, and i just wanted to know if im ready for that. Thank you for your help guys, its very much appreciated!!!

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    if you were to off tank i would recommended using 2 stam trinkets as your health is low

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